TOP 10 SPIRITUAL QUESTIONS you would love to get True answers to...

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I am very curious to know: What are your TOP 5 or TOP 10 Main-Major Questions about Life-God-Sprituality in general...

Suppose you could ask your Top5/Top10 question to all past-present-future Spiritual Masters and get clear & concise Inspired Answered, directly from their Experience of Truth...


1. ........?

2. ........?

3. ........?

4. ........?

5. ........?


We may use your feedback to start a Forum here, or some Polls, to gather answer also from the community...

Thanks to actively participate & share your main focus/concerns/questions...;-)


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5 questions that are 1

Does really something exists beyond the senses?

Is there really anything paranormal?

Is there really anything metaphysical?

Is there really life after death?

Does God really exist?

5 questions that are one that by defintion no answer to them can ve validated, all can be only speculation as everything is mediated by the senses. If someone tells you that he can "prove" any answer to these questions, distance yourself from him as he is, by fact lying to you and maybe to himself - any such "proof" can be refuted. The answers to these questions can only be a matter of belief. So even if these masters would answer them, it will not have much value.

happy | Mon, 07/14/2014 - 14:42
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I will ask each of them 2

I will ask each of them 2 questions:

(1) Are you fully enlightened?

(2) And if yes, what made you answer the 1st question?

sisi | Tue, 07/15/2014 - 07:30
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Some Questions

1. What is the end of knowledge?
2. What is the practice by which God appears before a devotee?
3. What is the end of seeking?
4. What is Brahma?
5. What is the root of religion?
6. What does God eat?
7. What does the soul or Atma eat?
8. What is the root of true religion?
9. What is the root of Yoga?
10. Who is your Guru?
11. Who is great?
12. Who is greater?
13. Who is the greatest?
14. Who is the Guru of your Guru?
15. Who is the Guru of Guru of your Guru?
16. Who is Guru?
17. Who is disciple?
18. How to kill ego?
19. What is the sum and substance of Enlightenment?
20. Whom does the perfect Beings visit?
21. With whom do the perfect Beings sit?
22. Who is the doer?
23. Who is theif?
24. Who is chief?
25. How God is pleased?
26. What is bath?
27. What is truth?
28. Who are the wise?
29. Who are fools?
30. Who is young?
31. Who is old?
32. What is Addition?
33. What is Subtraction?
34. What is multiplication?
35. What is division?
36. What is the end of science?
37. What is zero ie Sunya?
38. What is the end of mathematics?
39. What is the end of history?
40. What is Jihad?
41. What is the Word?
44. ........
45. .........
N. ..............
No end to questions because knowledge is endless and infinite.

Nathyogi | Sat, 07/26/2014 - 09:30