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"Seek, and you shall find."


If someone is told that they "...die three times...," they may not fully understand it. I myself have some understanding of this. I can discern that when a leader is chosen or singled out for a revelation, it applies to his/her whole soul group. If this is true, when we can gain the understanding that ALL of us must die three times:
FIRST we died when we left the ONE to pleasure ourselves in bodies, in materiality,
SECOND, when we die in body but not in self, and
THIRD, when we finally learn to die to self and permanently regain the ONE, coming full circle back to our cradle.
Three deaths. Three thresholds. From the Father to the Son to the Holy Spirit, three gods in One.
When those in the world seek only the truth that they want they reap it. They thus build a false reality and manifest outer-world events that are far from the Creator, their Source.
Those who learn to submit themselves to the Third Death no longer seek truth at all, because they become the truth. And God is truth.
Teach this message and baptize not with water, but with Fire.
Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, + Pater, + et Filius, + et Spiritus Sanctus
+ Mar Thoma


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I Believe I Understand!

I think you are saying something like "I Am, I Was, Is and Am Eternal" which means...

1) Man ["mind able to comprehend all things" by definition] are spirit beings without beginning nor end manifesting in physical forms for the purpose of comprehending all aspects of physical thing, thus, man are eternal.

2) There is a time when man do comprehend all of existence making the first death to be to forget everything we have many times before comprehended.

3) As the life-force incarnate as every life type they learns but when we enter the man manifestation the "Adam and Eve" metaphor show we again forget, which is termed death, thus a second death.

4) What the person the Bible entitled "Christ" called being "Born Again" (John 3:1-8) is the third death because we are above "the various emotions eating from 'The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil' imposed on every man" who followed those man evicted from the garden's ideology to make them once again become what is termed "god", after all, if we are children of god we do expect to become god, don't we?

What I have written in the HubPages address below, I believe, will help one comprehend what I am saying.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
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Elijah_NatureBoy | Fri, 07/21/2017 - 16:21