Is there non-religious spiritual activity in Iran?

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Following the protest events in Iran after the elections, I find myself more and more interested and involved in the subject of Iran. I happen to talk to Iranians and discuss with them religious issues, they are such remarkable people. I hope that things will get better there.

My unresolved question is: Is there spiritual activity in Iran, official or undercover which is not affiliated with orthodox Islam? Sufi practices as in the past? Gatherings around spiritual texts of famous masters like Osho? Non-Islamic texts which were translated into Iranian?

Anybody who knows, I will appreciate your input.


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Interesting spiritual activity

Yes there is. There are Sufi groups in remote places in which the Sufi knowledge is preserved and exercised. They usually manage to hide from the "government radars".

Also, some Indian gurus such as Osho are popular there. Many of Osho's books were translated into Iranian and there are websites in Persian operated from outside Iran. See for example

solomon | Sun, 09/20/2009 - 08:20