Is there any connection between piles and kundalini?

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Seven years back when I was asleep, I could realize that I was aware that I was asleep. I could hear my own snoring. That night when I woke up, I had binocular vision. All the things seemed three dimensional, or more than that, they seemed fourth dimensional.

Later on a Christmas morning. I had a strange experience. It seemed I was struck with lightening. I could feel thousands of volts of energy was flowing through me. I was simply lying on my bed shivering with that energy flow. I couldn’t tell whether it was painful or blissful. But, as I have already read about kundalini experiences, I was not afraid, I simply let it go. Only my newly married wife and her parents were afraid, fearing what happened to me. My wife thought I went mad.

After that I started getting early morning feeding from my divine sources and I started writing many books. Recently I have started giving lectures on Patanjali Yoga, recording and publishing as DVDs.

Two years back, I had to travel many hours a day on my bike and I developed piles. I could feel swelling and itching in that area. The temptation to itch was so great that when I succumbed to it, I could feel a lot of energy getting uploaded.

Is there any connection between piles and kundalini?