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(Sung to the tune of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War")

Come you seekers of truth

you that have the strong minds

you that have all the answers

can't you see that you're blind?

you that hide behind logic

you that hide behind facts

I just want you to know

I can see through your masks

You that never done nothin'

but to say there's nothing to do

you think that you're finished

that your work is through

you say you're just waiting

and that you have no fear

then you turn and run farther

when the guru comes near

Like Judas of old

you lie and deceive

you're almost a Master

that you want me to believe

but I see through your eyes

and I see through your brain

like I see through the water

that runs down my drain

You ask all the same questions

for the others to admire

then you sit back and laugh

at your own stupid satire

you hide in your mansion

of so-called sharp wit

can't you see that

your mind is so sick

You've thrown the worst fear

you are so cruel

the fear to believe God,

'cause that would be dual

you've questioned my virtue

you must be insane

you ain't worth the blood

that runs in your veins

How much do you know

to talk out of turn?

you say I have ego

you say that I've turned

but there's one thing I know

though I have more ego than you

you'd have crucified Jesus if

you had been there, too.

Let me ask you one question

Is your mind so pure?

will it get you freedom?

do you think blabberings a cure?

I think you will find

when your death takes its toll

all the mind you have

will never buy back your soul

And I hope that you open

and see the truth very soon

I will follow your ego

with the light of the noon

and I'll watch while you're running

away from sadhana

and I'll dance on your head

till I'm sure that your ego is dead.

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I have kicked out....

"I have kicked out many in a hard way and this hatred is out of their scorned ego..they try to treat me as if I am their girlfriend or something close..I could not tolerate, for I respect the value of our traditions and remember my husband is nothing but the image of my brother whom I was very close.

The kicked out people and disciples of other women gurus here saw me as a threat to their ego.

I do not care. I thought it was funny how the human mind is spiteful and revengeful."

Radha Ma

B-friend | Sun, 03/13/2011 - 20:51
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It's a mind game...

"It's a mind game...It's a mind trick. See, always this mind wants something higher. If you go to the material world, it wants to be rich. If you go to the emotional world, it wants to be loved. Everyone in the spiritual world wants enlightenment. Always the higher things mind seeks. There is no such thing like enlightenment. There's no such thing as salvation. We're already that. We're already unlimited. We are not ignorant to be enlightened. Ignorance needs the enlightenment. Ignorance is the mind. It needs the enlightenment. But there is no mind..we are not the mind."

Radha Ma

B-friend | Sun, 03/13/2011 - 20:53
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"This lion is our Father..a very gentle, majestic Father. IF WE GO TO HIM WITH THE DEMON EGO, then he has to devour us. But if we go as his children, by licking us affectionately, he will make us like Him. What a grace! immeasurable!"

Radha Ma

B-friend | Sun, 03/13/2011 - 20:56