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Every man has a women in him and every woman has a man in her...........Until we do not realize this we can never be a celibate...........Celibacy is not about shunning outer woman or a man,but attaining a cosmic orgasm with our other half.......When the yin blends with yang the search for the outer man and woman ceases......... The Great one says it happens when vishuddi chakra(male) blends with agya chakra(female)…………But still we see many religion structure practicing compulsive brahmacharya,by shunning outer woman or man,which is not going to help anyone in anyways...........something has gone wrong somewhere .............what do u all say?

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I am with you on this!

I accept!

Just supressing the need will increase the need more but not kill it.

Once you have ultimate exp. with your self (as male and female) you will not desire the external intervention any more.


Meherwan | Fri, 07/10/2009 - 06:29
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sex is a wonderful enjoyable gift

Why aim at being celibate at all?

Trying NOT to suppress the sex urge in order to not have the sex urge is not the solution as it is just a more tricky way of suppression.

Why not just regard it as it is - a very pleasurable stuff, a fiesta, a celebration like food, like a good movie. Enjoy it fully, just not get addicted to it, not get dependent on it - when there is sex celebrate it, when there is no sex available, do not chase it.

superwoman | Sun, 07/12/2009 - 15:51