Symptoms of Kundalini awakening

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I compiled a list of symptoms that occur during a Kundalini awakening. I assembled it from several resources on the net and books and included mainly those which I personally experienced.

I am not talking about benefits or consequences of the Kundalini awakening but only about concrete phenomena that happen DURING the outburst so that according to these signs and symptoms people having some acute neurological or spiritual experience could identify and realize if it was a Kundalini awakening or something else.

I call others to contribute below other symptoms which they PERSONALLY experienced (do not include "book knowledge" only direct personal experience if you had this awakening in your body) as well as to indicate symptoms that appear henceforth that they also experienced.

Symptoms of Kundalini awakening

Waves of trembling
Flow of gross body vibrations
Energy rushes
Muscle twitches
Strong heart beating
Strong electricity circulating the body
Strong vibrations flowing up the body
Intense heat or cold
Involuntary bodily movements
Feeling an inner force pushing up
Periods of extreme hyperactivity
Periods of fatigue
Intensified or diminished sexual desires
Pressures within the skull
Racing heartbeat
pains in the chest
Accelerated digestion or problems
Numbness or pain in left foot and leg
Pains and blockages anywhere, often in the back and neck
Emotional outbursts
Rapid mood shifts
Feeling of grief, fear, rage, depression
Spontaneous and uncontrollable laughing and weeping
Hearing an inner sound or sounds (sometimes described as a flute, drum, waterfall, birds singing, bees buzzing but which may also sound like roaring, whooshing, or thunderous noises)
Ringing in the ears.
Mental confusion
Difficulty to concentrate
Altered states of consciousness
Heightened awareness

Spontaneous trance states
Mystical experiences
Psychic experiences
Extrasensory perception
Out-of-body experiences
Past-life memories
Astral travel
Direct awareness of auras and chakras
Contact with spirit guides through inner voices
Dreams or visions
Healing powers
Spiritual communication

Extremely pleasant sensations
Intervals of tremendous bliss and joy
Great love
Feeling of peace and compassion

Increased creativity
Increased self-expression

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Great asset

Great list. Kudos for the initiative.

I suggest to compose a similar one for the aftermath symptoms which can be quite unpleasant.

kaput | Mon, 03/14/2011 - 12:50
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This list is almost

This list is almost exhaustive. And you have done a superb job of compiling all the symptoms that occur. I would like to add a few more. For example, a phenomenon called synchronicity. Whatever you think will be expressed outside. if you think nine, you will see a signboard on the road with the number nine. If you think 'this is amazing', the page you opened in the magazine will have a heading 'this is amazing'. This is what I have experienced. And also before my cell phone rings, I start hearing the sound. Future events flash in your mind.etc.

agapuram | Mon, 04/25/2011 - 04:14
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Agree with you

Yes, sometimes this happens to me also. Sometimes it happened that my phone is on silent mode and I got the idea that my phone is having some message or call or a a message or call is about to come, so I got intimated a few seconds before.
Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma | Fri, 06/10/2011 - 05:55
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kundalini energy + pranic energy.....

Hi friends,,,

Kundalini awakening alone is not enough. You must have the ability to hold the pranic energy for the kundalini to function. You must be initiated by a master who has mastered the technique of accumulating pranic energy within.

The entire universe is operating in a very organized manner. The energy that is operating the universe is the basic energy from which all types of energies are derived. That energy is called the Pranic energy. The Pranic energy is keeping the universe and all its animate and inanimate objects "alive". All organic and inorganic cycles are operating based on this subtle energy. All living things are also operating by this subtle energy.

The real secret of using this Pranic energy rests in the Master who is empowering you with this energy through the discipline of Yoga. The Master must have the quality to give you the ability to hold Pranic energy over and above the normal level that is needed to sustain life. Only then will a person be able to utilize this excess Pranic energy to perform miraculous psychic feats like healing and protecting oneself. This power works in everyone regardless of race, religion
or nationality.

I am very proud that my master His Divine Grace Yoga Jnana Siitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru has the ability to empower us with this special ability. (holding pranic energy within)

The empowerment session is conducted monthly in Malaysia. Pls mail me at rvin6@hotmail.comor call me at +60162664499 for further details.

You may also visit for additional info.


S Arvinthan

rvin6 | Mon, 07/18/2011 - 20:40
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Kundilini awakening

What you have mentioned is very true I have3 also feel one of the kinds

Raghavendra1966 | Wed, 11/09/2011 - 12:36
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Strongly connected to the practice of inner body meditation

Thanks. Indeed very accurate.

Based on my experience, the kuindalini awakening is strongly connected to the practice of inner body meditation/sensing as described in

The most important thing to follow with this is not to develop any attachment to this phenomenon nor fear. Just to watch and stay calm.

erez | Mon, 02/20/2012 - 18:27
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Another Symptom

I've had kundalini for almost 5 years. I've experienced almost every symptom on the list except for the sounds of water rushing or any sounds for that matter. Also, unfortunately not too many feelings of peace, ecstasy, or's been pretty rough.

I just wanted to add a predominant symptom I experience daily that is not on the list which is a "gurgling" up of bubbles. It feels like just that, bubbles moving up from lower abdomen sometimes making gurgle sounds so loud others can hear. When I get excessive gurgling I know I am going to be in trouble because it will often be followed by feelings that everything in my world is wrong, extreme irritability, anxiety, and other unpleasantries...just thought I'd add to the list hope maybe it helps someone out there.

ksquyres | Sun, 03/25/2012 - 08:44
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I get that bubbling feeling too. But it feels joyful to me.

Gilana | Mon, 09/16/2013 - 18:57
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What is kundalini?

Many have suggested incomplete awakening is just about easily attained in 10 minutes. And there you have it, the strength depends probably on the length and quality of practice. Kundalini was a practice which took years to master by ancient gurus-it must be the only complete way. However, they now say it can happen to any one in 10 minutes that is full awakening or spontaneously. I am not sure if full awakening spiritual realisation has anything to do with chakras and colors, wheels etc. or serpants running up the spine or even kundalini. I have practised, after a fully realised awakening and a great loss of this spiritual power trying to regain it, this form of chakra meditation gives you only a lift. But since it happened in my sleep I have no idea. The only way to realise the power and to grasp it fully is to know it has an effect on the mind and probably the brain as becoming fully conscious awake instead of the normal half asleep state the brain is in.
The list of symptoms by Zoya are very real but in the small short lived effects of the energy working. I experianced my stomach moving in and out in yogic breathing by itself. When I practiced Buddhism I heard heavenly bells and laughter. All other experiances, out of body which was given to me by a guru I rejected afterwards made little impression. It is a method for gurus to make money. They are reluctant and do not have any real reason to give Shaktipat and make someone the same as him. Even if it means they can cure with this power an illness in others. Therefore gurus are either fake or uncooperative- not the aspirant. In a full awakening, there would be none of these symptoms because there is such powerful invincible strength in the mind. It is like saying in serious seeking you have to ignore all that happens seen and experianced no matter how inspiring to reach the ultimate goal. With which you will have real power grasped in your palm and fist to move forward in the real world. It is so powerful it can not leave you unless you make a deliberate mockery of it or even if you do so without knowing-I do not know what to do here if it is spiritual, then what? Go to God, ask what? Or how to get a second wakening. Any suggestions?

Isha | Wed, 05/30/2012 - 13:57
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Infinite Knowledge Is The Real Symptom

All these are impediments to final goal which is full of knowledge and wisdom.

Nathyogi | Sat, 07/26/2014 - 10:52