Study finds weed use and mental condition connected

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New research has found a link between a greater likelihood of mental illness and using marijuana. The research found that marijuana use was linked to mental condition symptoms emerging earlier in individuals at risk for creating schizophrenia or other forms of psychosis. Every generation has some form of “Reefer Madness” all its own.

Link between psychological illness quicker and cannabis

Emerging study has found a link between marijuana use and quicker onset psychological condition for individuals predisposed to developing mental condition, according to WebMD. An issue of Archives of General Psychiatry will come out in June with the study in it. Dr. Matthew Large who is from the Prince of Wales Hospital located in Sydney, Australia, led the team that did the study. Data from 83 individual studies involving more than 8,000 individuals were reviewed, and it was found that weed use was connected to an earlier emergence of psychological health disorders, especially schizophrenia.

Using marijuana and other narcotics

The connection suggested by the research is that people at risk for developing psychological illness such as schizophrenia can develop symptoms earlier if they use cannabis. Subjects in the study which were cannabis users developed schizophrenia symptoms 2.7 years earlier than anyone who chose not to. There were also symptoms developed two years earlier of mental illnesses by anyone using multiple substances than those who didn’t. When alcohol was the only thing used, it didn’t accelerate any of the symptoms. This is what Time reports. Tobacco use is noted in the research as not having sufficient evidence to discover any impact on psychological illness.

With a mental illness risk with your life, stay away from drugs

Using psychoactive substances is something that people at risk for psychological illnesses are told not to use. Studies are showing links among schizophrenia and weed use. They have shown the link with other mental illnesses as well. However, no link has ever been found suggesting that marijuana use causes schizophrenia, only that those at risk can have their symptoms made worse or brought about earlier by using cannabis.

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This is rediculous. I don't know from what time is this research but it is probably bogus or tries to promote some doctrine. The website in which it is published looks suspicious so I wouldn't give it too much credit and importance.

Nowadays there are enough hundreds of researches that consistently prove that marijuana is harmless (you can see the known research papers and articles of Dr. Meyuchas for example) and show the benefits of it including the spiritual benefits. In most western countries it is perscribed for people with cancer and HIV to relief their pains.

So you have no reason to worry whatsoever.

As to the claim in that starnge mestirous research that marijuana can trigger tacit mental ilnesses. So can Vipassana, meditation, or any other conciousness-affected substance like alcohol if taken in overdose so this has nothing in it. Just consume in proper quantities and enjoy the spiritual benefits.

doo | Sun, 02/13/2011 - 17:47