Spirituality along with worldly bindings

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How to balance One,SPIRITUALITY along with WORLDLY DUTIES.
All views are welcome.

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Spirituality & Wordly Duties

Belive "I",That,
Spirituality & Wordly Duties are like Two feathers of the "Bird", As the "bird" cannot fly with one feather,
So it is very necessary to balance them,
Well the true master or saint always advice their disciples to obey both wordly & Spiritual Duties,
Now the Q: is How to Balance Both:
As per "I" think,
Spirituality is not a too easy subject, So it needs help of any "Master" step by step,
To balance both Spirituality & Wordly Duties is not the Q: to answer in one line, Every person has his or her different duties, So "I" advise if somebody is really walking on the path of spirituality, To take help of True Spiritual Master step by step, Becuase different persons have different needs & duties to pay, "True Master" always know the duties & needs of disciples, Moreover the duties of the person can change time by time,

Any ways "I" like the Topic very much,
The Topic prooves spirituality,
Real Topic,

jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 09/04/2010 - 13:40
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simple easy do-able method

Start doing the Sanatan kriya which Yogi Ashwini has formulated for us all, the contemporary people. This kriya will keep you on the spiritual path, and it will being good health, wealth, emotional stability side by side, once health, wealth, and emotional stability are with you, which worldly duty will elude you? Your efficiency as child, parent, spouse, sibling, employer, employee all will go up.All your worldly relations will be happy with you , and thereby give you more time to continue Sanatan kriya.It has happened with me , it can happen with you.

Nitashaartist | Thu, 09/23/2010 - 06:43