Spiritual teachers and emotional balance

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According to Of Grandeur: The Law of Emotional Balance, all spiritual teachers help people better maintain their emotional balance. You became attracted to specific ideas or beliefs because of the role those beliefs or ideas play in your emotional balance. Your beliefs can be permanently changed when other sources of emotions are permanently changed as well. People can change their beliefs just like they can fall out of love with one persona and in love with another person.

The world is filled with billions of followers for different religions and to each they are correct for having those beliefs because they keep each person more emotionally balanced than they would be without those beliefs.

We have specific beliefs to cope with our environments. Some people cope with the sadness caused by their environment by using intoxicating substances, other cope with their environments by following specific beliefs.

Life is all based on one simple law and that is the Law of Emotional Balance. The Law of Emotional Balance claims that every single person will experience as much happiness as they do sadness before they are allowed to die and this mandatory requirement is what has led people to have religious beliefs.

The Law of Emotional Balance is a conservation law. A charge particle can't turn into pure energy until it has become neutral, just like a charged particle, a person can't die until they are emotionally neutral.