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Ekalavya Multiversity as a spiritual Foundation Of Economic Development

Mother earth is school. We citizens of earth are Students of Life, Everything in the creation is giving, and Humanity is the receiving end. Humanity has to make judicious use of the recourses.

Humane Physics as Sustainable Spirituality. Humane physics is a suitable education program for evolution of humanity being a life long education in their lifetime i.e., what one need have to learn and observe in their lifetime.

If the purpose of development--as presently conceived--is to increase material amenities, then sustainable development will certainly help us to continue to consume, but it will not help us attain inner fulfillment. Therefore, sustainable spirituality--the idea that true progress is movement toward inner fulfillment, toward self-realization-- must be embraced by the sustainable development program. Spiritual progress subsumes material development, as people cannot pursue spiritual growth without adequate basic necessities such as employment, food, shelter, education, and medical care. So, the purpose of development, guided by a sense of spiritual progress, is to help us pursue personal and social pursuits that foster inner growth and communion with people and nature. Activities such as sports, art, music, theater, yoga, meditation, hiking, etc., do not simply fill our lives with more material things, instead they fill our lives with enjoyment, purpose and meaning.

This being a Cosmic Inheritance

No system or machinery or economic doctrine or theory stands on its own two feet: it is variably built on a metaphysical foundation, that is to say, upon our basic outlook on life, its meaning and its purpose.\" The \"metaphysical foundation\" of economic liberalism is motivated by self-interest, individual property rights, and the fulfillment of our material or economic needs.

What, then, should be the basic outlook on life of the new economy? The spiritual conception of wealth, as described by Sarkar, expresses a common sentiment among many alternative development thinkers: \"This universe is created in the imagination of the Supreme Entity, so the ownership of this universe does not belong to any particular individual; everything is the patrimony of us all. Every living being can utilize their rightful share of this property...This whole animate world is a large joint family in which nature has not assigned any property to any particular individual.\"

With a spiritual worldview as the basis for a new economy, the psychology of greed and selfishness is replaced with the psychology of collective welfare and cooperation as Humane Physics under Ekalavya Multiversity.
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