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I would like to start here a discussion about parenting a newborn baby and spirituality. Anything that involves metaphysical things in the behavior of our babies, energy field, spiritual training, info on the net, experiences, and so on.

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Name giving and the impact on the baby's energy field

In the first days of the baby, before you give him a name, his energy field is endless and it has no unique seal, no special traits, it is something that encompasses all and very sublime and limitless.

Soon as you give him a name, his energy field shrinks to a certain limited form with certain attributes according to the certain name given.

You can sense it if you are sensitive to energy fields. This is not a theory.

It shocked me to witness this impact. For the first time I was aware to the effect of the name. Until then I was pretty skeptical regarding all the issue of Numerology etc.

I wish I didn't need to give my baby a name. I wish I could keep him with this endless limitless stainless energy field.

But he needs to manage in this reality. At least we picked a name that resulted in what seemed as a promising energy field, limited but still optimized. We didn't do it by testing tedious numerology calculations, instead, we dived right into the source by simply sensing the resultant energy field of each name option.

doo | Fri, 12/30/2011 - 10:19
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Babies can see ghosts and other paranormal entities

Babies can see paranormal entities that most of us can't see, like ghosts.

Most of us can't see those entities because as babies, we were conditioned to believe that they did not exist.

So the next time your baby gazes at "nothing out there" with great amusement and interest, don't tell him/her something like "there is nothing there, honey, why are you so facinated by the wall? look here, this toy..." but encourage him/her and follow his/her point of interest.

And please don't project on your baby your own cultural fears of these entities. Trying to condition him/her that what they see actually they don't see doesn't protect them but denies them of a basic ability.

john | Fri, 12/30/2011 - 11:18
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Entities on your right shoulder

When you hold your baby in front of you, notice that many times he stares at the area above your right shoulder even if there is no attraction behind. Energetic representations of guiding angels usually are located there and baby can see them.

santana | Tue, 01/24/2012 - 15:26
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Meditate while you're feeding your baby

When you are breastfeeding or just feeding the baby from a bottle, use this time to meditate while feeding, especially at night.

This may sound irresponsible - aren't we supposed to give all our attention exclusively to the baby? But we know very well that we can't and if we try it will result in us being more nervous and impatient. So what most of us do is we watch TV or talk on the phone while feeding the baby...

So instead - meditate while feeding. You will see that although you enter into the meditation, you still stay alert to the baby. You will realize that this wake up for feeding in the middle of the night suddenly turned from an annoying thing to a blessed opportunity to meditate at the best time of the day, especially if it is at 4 o'clock in the morning (an hour which is the most recommended for meditation but that most of us will never wake up for that purpose voluntarily).

PS. When meditating while feeding the baby, sit crossed leg on the floor or a sofa and bend your head to the side in a way that your head will lean on your shoulder. You will notice the special effect of that position.

lilian | Mon, 01/02/2012 - 21:57
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Teachers of love

Babies are amazing teachers of love, you put them on your chest and your heart chakra erupts. No one can stay indifferent, not even the toughest.

Annie | Mon, 01/09/2012 - 11:00
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Parenting is to help the child realise him or herself in life. This is possible only when the child knows to recognise what he or she is not. Children learn by imitation. Yet they imitate both that which is in accordance with their innate tendencies and that which is false. To assist them to feel good about themselves as they are (unconditional love)is to give them a basis to recognise the false and drop it.

joejo | Tue, 01/10/2012 - 04:17
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The key approach that a newborn forces you into is... surrender.

No matter what your plans are, no matter what you want, when the baby cries, you attend him/her. This is a must during the first months in which the baby's cry mean a need, a pain that must be satisfied, a phase in which there is no spite, no games, no indulgence - just true basic needs that must be fulfilled.

This is a blessed (and sometimes very hard) lesson is surrender, that which is so essential in the spiritual path.

yeshcheraz | Tue, 01/10/2012 - 21:03
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Should we teach children dispassion? - Nisargadatta Maharaj

From CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE ABSOLUTE, The final talks of Sri Nisaragadatta Maharaj (Page 10):

Q: Should the type of dispassion which Maharaj is teaching us be taught to children?

Nisargadatta Maharaj: No. If that's done, they'll have no ambition to grow further; they must have certain ambitions, certain desires, for their proper growth.

The one who has fully investigated himself, the one who has come to understand, will never try to interfere in the play of consciousness. There is no creator with a vast intellect as such; all this play is going on spontaneously.

There's no intellect behind it, so don't try to impose yours to bring about any change; leave it alone. Your intellect is a subsequent product of this process, so how can your intellect take charge of or even evaluate, the whole creation?

Investigate your self; this is the purpose of your being.

Spirituality is nothing more than understanding this play of consciousness try to find out what this fraud is by seeking its source.

shishmanidov35 | Thu, 01/19/2012 - 23:47
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Osho on spiritual parenting

In a better world no parent will give you any belief. Certainly he will give you courage to inquire, courage to adventure. He will sharpen your intelligence so that when you come across a lie you can see it and when you come across a truth you can immediately recognize it, but he will not give you any belief. No parent, if he loves the child, can give beliefs because beliefs are poisonous. They destroy your intelligence, they destroy your courage, and they create prejudices in you.

Every parent distracts the child from his essential being, leads him astray. Every teacher, every priest goes on doing the same. Nobody respects the individual. They have already decided what is right and what is wrong, and for all!

The children need privacy, they need freedom - they need the freedom to be. But every parent is trying to make the child into something other than he is. They are telling the child to become a Jesus Christ or to become a Gautam Buddha or to become a Mahavira or a Zarathustra. And this is such an ignoble project because nobody can become a Buddha again, nobody can become a Jesus again. Existence is so creative it never repeats itself.

If the child is afraid of the parent, love is not possible. If the parent is afraid of the child, love is not possible. How can you love in fear.

I have never seen a single parent who is happy about their children.

To be a parent is a great art. To give birth to children is nothing - any animal can do it; it is a natural, biological, instinctive process. To give birth to a child is nothing great, it is nothing special; it is very ordinary. But to be a parent is something extraordinary; very few people are really capable of being parents.

The criterion is that the real parents will give freedom. They will not impose themselves upon the child, they will not encroach upon his space. From the very beginning their effort will be to help the child to be himself or to be herself. They are to support, they are to strengthen, they are to nourish, but not to impose their ideas, not to give the shoulds and should-nots. They are not to create slaves.

That's what parents all over the world go on doing: their whole effort is to fulfill their ambitions through the child. Of course nobody has been ever able to fulfill his ambitions, so every parent is in a turmoil. He knows the death is coming close by every day, he can feel the death is growing bigger and bigger and life is shrinking, and his ambitions are still unfulfilled, his desires are still not realized. He knows that he has been a failure. He is perfectly aware that he will die with empty hands - just the way he had come, with empty hands, he will go.

Now his whole effort is how to implant his ambitions into the child. He will be gone, but the child will live according to him. What he has not been able to do, the child will be able to do. At least through the child he will fulfill certain dreams.

It is not going to happen. All that is going to happen is the child will remain unfulfilled as the parent and the child will go on doing the same to his children. This goes on and on from one generation to another generation. We go on giving our diseases; we go on infecting children with our ideas which have not proved valid in our own lives.

The children are always afraid. The fear is that if they are true then the parents are hurt. If they want to satisfy the parents they have to be untrue; then it hurts them. This is the problem. Parents don't allow authenticity they don't want you to be yourself. They have a certain idea of how you should be, what you should be. If you are that, they are happy; if you are not that, they are unhappy. And nobody can fulfill their idea, nobody at all, because you are not here in this world to fulfill anybody's idea. And your parents cannot conceive who you are going to be. The future is open - utterly open and unpredictable - but each parent tries to control the future and each parent feels frustrated.

It is very difficult to find a parent who is satisfied. Not even the father of Buddha was satisfied.

They are trying to enforce their ambitions on the child; that's how conditioning begins. They are not allowing the child to be himself. No parent ever allows the child to be himself; it has not happened up to now. That's why humanity is living in such misery: because no child is allowed to be himself. How can he be happy? Happiness happens only when you are authentically yourself. And don't ask me how it happened in the very beginning, because there has been no beginning. Whenever a child is born there is a beginning; otherwise existence has continued forever and forever.

If you are a parent you will need this much courage - not to interfere. Open doors of unknown directions to the child so he can explore. He does not know what he has in him, nobody knows. He has to grope in the dark. Don't make him afraid of darkness, don't make him afraid of failure, don't make him afraid of the unknown. Give him support. When he is going on an unknown journey, send him with all your support, with all your love, with all your blessings. Don't let him be affected by your fears. You may have fears, but keep them to yourself. Don't unload those fears on the child because that will be interfering.

After seven years, the next circle of seven years, from seven to fourteen, is a new addition to life: the child's first stirring of sexual energies. But they are only a kind of rehearsal. To be a parent is a difficult job, so unless you are ready to take that difficult job, don't become a parent. People simply go on becoming fathers and mothers not knowing what they are doing. You are bringing a life into existence; all the care in the world will be needed. Now when the child starts playing his sexual rehearsals, that is the time when parents interfere the most, because they have been interfered with. All that they know is what has been done to them, so they simply go on doing that to their children.

Societies don't allow sexual rehearsal, at least have not allowed it up to this century - only within the last two, three decades, and that too only in very advanced countries. Now children are having co-education. But in a country like India, even now co-education starts only at the university level. The seven-year-old boy and the seven-year-old girl cannot be in the same boarding school. And this is the time for them - without any risk, without the girl getting pregnant, without any problems arising for their families - this is the time when they should be allowed all playfulness. Yes, it will have a sexual color to it, but it is rehearsal; it is not the real drama. And if you don't allow them even the rehearsal and then suddenly one day the curtain opens, and the real drama starts .... And those people don't know what is going on; even a prompter is not there to tell them what to do. You have messed up their life completely.

Those seven years, the second circle in life, is significant as a rehearsal. They will meet, mix, play, become acquainted. And that will help humanity to drop almost ninety percent of perversions. If the children from seven to fourteen are allowed to be together; to swim together, to be naked before each other, ninety percent of perversions and ninety percent of pornography will simply disappear. Who will bother about it? When a boy has known so many girls naked, what interest can a magazine like PLAYBOY have for him? When a girl has seen so many boys naked, I don't see that there is any possibility of curiosity about the other; it will simply disappear. They will grow together naturally, not as two different species of animals.

Right now that's how they grow: two different species of animals. They don't belong to one mankind; they are kept separate. A thousand and one barriers are created between them so they cannot have any rehearsal of their sexual life which is going to come. Because this rehearsal is missing, that's why in people's actual sex life foreplay is missing; and foreplay is so important - far more important than actual sexual contact, because actual sexual contact lasts only for seconds. It is not nourishment. It simply leaves you in a limbo. You were hoping for so much, and nothing comes out of it. In Hindi we have a proverb: kheela pahad nikli chuhia. `You dug out the whole mountain and you found one rat.' After all the effort - going to the movies and going to the disco and going to the restaurant, and talking all kinds on nonsense which neither you want nor the other wants to do, but both are talking - digging the mountain, and in the end, just a rat! Nothing is so frustrating as sex.

Make love only when you are ready to be in a meditative space. And create a meditative atmosphere while you are making love. You should treat the place as sacred. Creating life... what can be more sacred? Do it as beautifully, as aesthetically, as joyously as possible. There should be no hurry. And if the two lovers meet in such an atmosphere outside, and such a silent space within, they will attract a soul, the highest available. You give birth to a child according to your state of love. If every parent is disappointed, he should think about it, that this is the child they deserved. They never created a possibility for a higher and more evolved soul to enter into the womb -- because the male sperm and the female egg only create an opportunity for a soul to enter. They create the opportunity for a body, so some soul can become embodied. But you will attract only that kind of person which your sexual activity makes possible.

If the world is full of idiots and mediocre people, you are responsible; I mean, parents are responsible. They never thought about it, their children are accidental. There cannot be a bigger crime than to create a life accidentally. Prepare for it. And the most essential thing is to understand the orgasmic moment: thoughtless, timeless, mindless, just a pure awareness. In that pure awareness you can attract a Gautam Buddha. The way you are making love, it is strange that more Adolf Hitlers, Mussolinis, Stalins, Nadirshahs, Tamerlanes, Genghis Khans, are not attracted. You attract only mediocre people. You don't attract the lowest either, because for the lowest your love has to be almost a rape. For the highest, your love has to be a meditation.

The child's life begins from the moment the soul enters into the womb. If it has come into a meditative space, it is possible to have a child without conditioning him. In fact, a child who is born out of meditation cannot be conditioned; he will rebel against it. Only mediocre people can be conditioned. And a couple who is capable of meditativeness while making love is no ordinary couple. They will be respectful to the child. The child is a guest from the unknown, and you have to be respectful to the guest.

Parents who are not respectful to their children are bound to destroy their lives. Your respect, your love, your gratitude that, "You have chosen us as your parents," will be responded to with deeper respect, more gratitude, more love. And when you love a person, you cannot condition him. When you love a person, you give him freedom, you give him protection. When you love a person you would not like him to be just a carbon copy of yourself, you would like him to be a unique individual. And to make him unique you will arrange all the conditions, all the challenges which provoke his potential.

You will not burden him with knowledgeability, because you would like him to know the truth himself. Any borrowed truth is a lie. Unless it is experienced by you, it is never the truth. You will help the child to experience more and more things. You will not tell him lies, that there is a God. It is a lie, because you have not seen God. Your parents lied to you, and you are repeating it in your turn to your child. Your parents conditioned you, and what is your life? -- a long misery from cradle to grave. Do you want your child's life also to be just a misery, full of suffering, anxiety, despair?

Let your child have his original face. It may create fear in you, it may create concern in you, but those are your problems. Don't in any way inhibit the child. And a child who has been given freedom -- even against his own parents -- will respect you forever, will remain grateful to you forever. Right now, just the opposite is the case: every child is full of anger, rage, hatred for the parents, because what they have done to him is unforgivable. So by giving freedom, by allowing the child to be himself whatever that means, accepting him in his natural self wherever it leads, you are creating a child who will worship you. You have been not only ordinary fathers and mothers, you have been givers of life, freedom, uniqueness.

He will carry the beautiful memory in his heart forever, and his gratitude towards you will make him absolutely certain that what has been done for him, he has to do for the future generations. If every generation behaves towards the children with love and respect, and gives them freedom to grow, all this nonsense of the generation gap will disappear. If you respect your children, if you are friends to your children, no generation gap is possible. Ordinarily what is happening around the world is, there is no communication between the children and the parents. They kiss each other, they shake hands, but it is all hypocrisy -- done because it has to be done.

Every parent is harassing the child to become great, to become Alexander the Great, to become Gautam Buddha. What can the child do? -- it is not in the program of his basic cell. So parents are disturbed because children don't listen to them, and children are unnecessarily harassed and hurt. They cannot forgive their parents their whole life for the way they have been treated in their helplessness, in their childhood. What you are demanding of them they don't have in their basic program. Every human psychology is completely programmed, his physiology is completely programmed, and everything goes according to the program. There are no accidents. You can have as beautiful women in the world as you like; you can have as strong men in the world as you like. Now it is within our hands.

Every parent wants his child to be the greatest, an Alexander the Great. Each parent is living his unfulfilled desires through his children. He has not been able to fulfil his desires. Nobody has ever been able to fulfil their desires because desire as such is unfulfillable. Nothing can be done about it; it is not in the nature of things, it is not the law of life.

That's what parents go on doing with the children: they try to enforce things on them and the children become serious; and the moment a child becomes serious you have killed him, you have disconnected him from his own source. All that a real parent will do is to help the child to be more and more playful, to be more and more joyous, celebrating. And the parent should help the children to keep that quality intact for their whole life; the child should never disappear. It should not be imposed on by other things: the child should remain an undercurrent always flowing there.

If we were loving our children, there could not have been so many wars in the world. Who is the parent who will send his children to war? If we were loving our children the world could not have become so ugly. If we were loving our children, I go as far as to say, we would not have given birth to children... because which loving parent will be ready to give birth to their children in this ugly and dirty world? They will excuse themselves, saying, "How to bring our children into such a world? Tomorrow, when we face them, we will feel so ashamed in front of them that we gave birth to them in this world. How to send them out into this ugly world full of immorality and darkness?" Parents would have refused to give birth to children if they had love in their hearts.

santana | Tue, 01/24/2012 - 15:39
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I learnt so much from these insights here - birth of a cild is really one of the most incredible opportunities for spiritual practice.

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