Space: The Uniting Principle

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I can't believe some of the things I'm reading about, they seem so obvious yet they've never occurred to me. Right now I'm touring theories which seek to unite, heretofore, isolated contemporary concepts (psychology, the paranormal, physics, chemistry, doctrine, e.g.) by naming the one thing all aspects of reality have in common: they occur in space. If we take space as the basis, we will have the means to bridge concepts and see how they work in common.

I am concurrently reading about the nature of waves. All things perceived have a wave signature, including light and sound. If we could just "tune in to the wave", we are literally getting reception (that is, we acknowledge that it exists). This explains why some experience supernatural and spiritual phenomenon, and some seem devoid of experience. I do think though, it is important to know if the waves origin is truly from the object or from oneself. For example, just because my skin refracts light at a wavelength my eyes receive as BROWN, does not mean brown is emanating from my skin. In fact, the origin is light and how it interacts with my eye. A colorblind man would see things the same way I do, if it were my skin itself emanating the wave of BROWN.

Which leads us to many more exciting concepts. What is the wave of causal events like? What is the origin? Or of spirit, and spirituality? What waves keep "reality" itself together, if all things can be expressed in a patterned wavelength?

Cool stuff, cool times, mans...