Soul Relationship

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Beloveds, those we are close to are related to us in complex ways - historically, biologically, and in terms of soul-connection. Yet often, what out pictures on the level of the physical does not reflect the intensity and meaningfulness of the soul connection that has brought us into proximity with another, whether for a few moments or for a lifetime.

Where the bond is strong and one of commitment, we tend to assume that there is a deeper, positive connection. However, what is actually true is that this connection exists even where relationships do not function smoothly, or where they carry a great deal of difficulty. Even in such cases, the soul connection may be one of a purely positive nature, though many serious problems or challenges may be manifesting on the physical plane.

The confusion about 'levels of relationship' comes up commonly in two ways: when we feel a deep heart connection with someone and this sense of connection is not reciprocated or acknowledged by the other, or, when we have a great deal of difficulty with another or suffer at the hands of another, and wonder why they are in our lives. In both cases, we are presuming a relationship on a different level that is the explanation or cause for what we are experiencing.

The truth of soul relationships is more complex than most are aware of. On the one hand, what one soul recognizes may not be what another is capable of perceiving at a given point in time. This does not make the relationship or connection untrue. It just means that the other is bound in their perception by limitations on the personality level and cannot register or be aware of the deeper currents of relatedness. The discrepancy between our own perception of things and that of someone else can lead to disappointment and even to sorrow if we do not understand that what exists at the soul level has to find its way into physical expression in its own way and time. In some instances, this may not happen nor serve the highest good within a particular lifetime.

Similarly, with relationships that have a strong negative component, whether familial or introduced by external circumstance into our life. Souls never come together as souls to harm each other. They always come together in order to further each others learning on the level of the heart and spirit. No matter who we encounter in life, especially in the context of a long-term connection, the other soul is crossing our path in order to convey something that we have chosen to learn. What this is, involves the mystery of embodied experience and can shape the course of a lifetime.