Solar energy accumulation

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I found this solar energy accumulation exercise in
Concentration, A Guide to Mental Mastery, by Mouni Sadhu.
It's edited to fit here.

I am interested in hearing your experience while doing it.

Blue Pranayama

Any sunny morning, dress very lightly with no tight clothing and

retire to a secluded corner of a quiet field where nobody will

be able to observe your activity. The best time is between
8 and 10 A.M.

Stand upright facing the sun so that you are bathed in its

rays. Then raise your head as if looking at it, but without doing

so directly, so as to avoid being blinded by the strong light.

Stretch wide your arms with the palms at right angles to the

sun's rays and fingers in line with each palm. When you feel

the rays warming the inner side of your hands, try to imagine

that the inexhaustible, subtle and life-giving energy of the sun

is being collected in them, like a battery being charged.

Stay like this for two minutes.

Then with fingers close together and turned slightly inward

bring your arms to the front and fairly near one another, slowly

drawing them downward till the fingers are at right angles

to your forehead, but not touching it. They should remain

distant by about one inch.

Now strongly imagine that the accumulated energy in your

palms is flowing through the tips of your fingers and into the

part of your body directly opposite to them. The luminous

current enters, magnetizing your physical, astral and mental

vehicles, and as you slowly move your hands downward, it

revives and stimulates everything on its way.

From the forehead pass slowly down until you reach the region

of the solar plexus. There is no need to magnetize any

thing below this important center. The distance from the fore

head to the diaphragm area should be covered in at least half

a minute.

Finally, separate your arms with a broad sweeping movement,

stretching them outward once more and bowing as low as you can,

before resuming the original position, i.e., with your palms

again directed sunward.

Repeat this series of movements seven times at each session.

Everything depends upon correct performance and concentration

while doing it.

Try it!