Sleep paralisys and OBE

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Average: 4.7 (3 votes) started when I was 5...
playing with my friends and with my father, I found myself in a strange situation.. I was looking myself from above... I saw all my friends, my father, and me, playing on the ground, while floating in the air...
...that situation repeated several times in my childhood,and always on daytime. I asked my mom what was it, but she couldn't explain it... she just said, that it's nothing to woory about. I know, that she was enable to explain it to me, cause, she didn't know apsolutelly anything about that matter. perhaps, she was affraid of it, and wouldn't speek...

...last time i expirienced OBE, I had 13 years aprx.
after that, OBE stooped to show, but something else appeared..

...sometimes, when I go to sleep, I find myself again in strange situation, which is scarrier than OBE, but not so very different..
shortly after I close my eyes, when my mind isn't still asleep, my entire body gets paralized, and I can't move anything, just breathe, open my mouth, and my eyes - but not for entire, just squint a bit...
..I try hard to move myself, to "wake up", to scream.. but nothing happens.. I don't move.. I can't move...
sometimes I see like a white-trasparent beings floathing over my body.. they aren't frightly, but that situation is...
once, I feel someone jump over me and that scared me awfully.. usually, I feel just fear, it isn't like OBE, when I wasn't affraid at all... after I "awake" from this, after the fear is gone, I feel totally relaxed.. every inch of my body is relaxed, calm.. I breathe deeply, and I'm happy that's over..

I would like to know why that happens... Is it a way to handle it? Can it be prevented? Can a person provoke by itself OBE? Exist there some meditation for these things?

I'll hope I'll find the answers..


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Had similar experiences

You have the very typical symptoms of out of body experience, astral projection, and being aware of ghosts (they all share similar symptoms which might suggest that they are the same paranormal state). This means your report is authentic. The most fundamental symptom is the inability to move.

You have naturally what others work to have through techniques. It means you are sensitive in the metaphysical realm - but beware: it always comes together with extreme emotional sensitivity (isn't it correct also in your case? :-) which you must observe very carefully your emotional reactions and strive to emotional balance.

As to background: it usually runs in families - if you question in your family you will most probably discover that others also have it and don't speak about it. I also heard reports of having it from previous lives.

The important thing is that it is a wonderful gift, don't be afraid of it nor from entities that might show up in the future - in those domains no one can hurt you unless you let it to through some vulnerability based on very extreme and evident desire.

kalgo | Fri, 02/13/2009 - 18:19
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A bit of inner life

Few years ago, I've found out, that my grandma also has sleep paralysis. I was getting married, and I slept at her house for a few days. One night I heard strange noises coming from her room, and I went to see. She told me that she has that for very long years, and my grandfather used to wake her up, like does my husband to me. He just needs to touch me, and I awake.
Unfortunately, I don't have good relationship with my grandma, she made me suffer a lot in my childhood. That's what I now struggle, try to accept my past and deal with it..
For the past year and a half, I closed myself in house, I don't go out, sometimes I have panic attacs and an unexplainable fear.
Yes, you're right, I'm very very emotional, and I had bad experiences with other people, people who probably suffer much inside, and therefore, they attack other.. I'm not yet so strong to deal with them. That's why I'm not going out..
Last full moon, I had a bad two-three days.. I cannot explain the fear inside me. I sometimes feel not just people suffering, but also things, the air around me.. I cannot explain that very well.. Maybe it's just me.. Maybe that negativity comes from inside myself.. I think so..
I must get stronger, cause I want to help other, want to live in peace. I'm not material at all, I dislike everything material.. I just wanna find the way how to make me stronger, to help myself, and than to help others.
I have tarots, and I used to "throw" cards to my friends, and I always feel inside me their life, every their emotion, everything they feel..
My other grandma, has similar "possibilities". I didn't know her very well, I was young when she passed away, but I remember moments, when she used to put around my hand some red string.. I went to visit her in her house not very often, and when I came home, my mother cutted that strings away..
Later, in years, I found the reason why that happened... When my mom married for the second time, my stepfather throw me from home. And today, I don't have good relationship with my mom.. I don't feel like she's my mother.. I don't feel her love. and I don't understand her.
My grandma wanted to protect me, that red string is used like a protection, but also gives you love, that love comes into your life. And mom cutted that everytime she saw it on my hand.. See how strange..
I'll try hard, do my best to get out of this suffocate situation. It's hard when you must deal whit it by yourself, but I'll make it. I know I will..
Form subject, to subject.. I changed so many themes here..
But finally, there are all linked..

laevinia | Sat, 02/14/2009 - 11:28
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Sleep paralysis - Scientific and Spiritual causes

1.Many people have experienced waking up from their sleep in the middle of the night and found that they cannot move. Even though they are awake and fully conscious of what is happening around them they are completely immobilised. Many have sensed a seen or an unseen presence on them or in the room. It is an extremely unnerving feeling and the person going through it is gripped by fear. This group of symptoms is popularly known, especially in the medical world, as ‘Sleep paralysis’.

2. Key observations about Sleep paralysis
Research conducted by J. Allan Cheyne (Cheyne, 2001) indicates that it happens generally when one is going into a sleep state or coming out of a sleep state. Cheyne and some other researchers have stated the following as some of the key observations about Sleep paralysis.

It occurs frequently among 3-6% of the world population.

About 30% of young adults experience Sleep paralysis at least once in their lives.

It is more likely to happen to young adults.

It can last from a few minutes to a few hours at a time.

People also experience, sense or see a presence around them during their paralysed state. Fear grips them and some of them have said that a demonic force was out to possess their soul or was trying to crush or smother them.

In some cases, people feel pressure or a choking sensation. This is accompanied by breathing difficulties. In few instances, this escalates into sexual molestation or assault.

A foul smell has been perceived at times during the paralytic attack.

It is more likely to happen when sleeping on one’s back (supine position).

People who go through it are embarrassed by the event thinking that something must be wrong with them mentally.

3. What do modern sciences say about Sleep paralysis?
3.1 Hypotheses offered as an explanation by modern sciences
Research on Sleep paralysis is continuing but up to now modern sciences do not have a clear and conclusive understanding of the phenomenon. However the various hypotheses put forth as possible explanations of the various symptoms are:

Those undergoing severe stress are reliving past horrors through sleep paralysis.

They are hallucinations akin to dreaming.

They are due to the activation of that part of the brain which monitors the surroundings for threats and launches responses to perceived dangers. An activation of this part of the brain in the absence of any real threat during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of sleep gives rise to a feeling of an intimidating presence in the immediate surroundings. (REM part of sleep is that part associated with dreaming when the eyeballs are seen to be moving rapidly.)

They are due to temporary disruption of the barrier between sleeping and waking state, so that some sleep phenomena, of which paralysis is one, breaks into wakefulness.

3.2 Causative factors of Sleep paralysis according to modern sciences

According to modern sciences the probable causative factors include:

Life stressors

Sleep deprivation

Long-standing sleep disturbances in those who have been sexually abused

Genetic link

3.3 What is the cure for Sleep paralysis according to modern sciences?
As neither the specific cause nor the explanation of the phenomenon is available all proposed treatment is strictly empirical at best.

Some say that sleep paralysis can be controlled with Fluoxetine-type anti-depressants, which inhibit REM sleep. This is especially useful where there is an underlying depression. Others refute the use of medication by stating:

Sometimes the most effective way to deal with the disorder is to get a clear understanding of the disorder and develop your own effective ways of waking yourself or your partner.

It is also important to be reassured that many other people have it and that you are not the lone sufferer.

4. Spiritual research into Sleep paralysis
The following is a spiritual explanation of some of the key observations mentioned above. All explanations and statistics quoted here are obtained from Universal Intellect by seekers of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) with a highly developed sixth sense.

Feeling a presence while paralysed
Spiritual research by the SSRF into Sleep paralysis has revealed that one of the main spiritual reasons for these phenomena is an attack by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.). This is the reason why in most cases people feel a presence or can actually see a ghost. It is not hallucinations, but is actually a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy etc.). We perceive the presence through our sixth sense.

More info on the subject at

Naradananda | Mon, 02/16/2009 - 11:38