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Sideshwar Ashram:-The Makings of the New World
SIDESHWAR ASHRAM To salute the holy land of India and by the great inspiration of sants Param Pujya gurudev Harihar Chatanya Ji began the work of Sideshwar ashram

What is Sideshwar Ashram:-Sideshwar Ashram the place of poor and helpless people .who need help and also the place where we try to achieve the God .Where we build the line god. Parmatma says Who does good work ,good feeling for other that person called god.To Assure the security of Hindu culture and progress of Hindu Society .Guru Harihar chaitanya has to build sideshwar Ashram at the bank of holy river Ganga.

The Mission Harihar:- The main work of this mission is to build a fearless cultured aware and Independent religious Hindu society.the first step toward the goal is the Sideshwar Ashram.Sideshwar Ashram is the small vision of Ram Rajaya ,no fear ,no crime ,cultured students, respectful placeforelders,freedomforwomen,nocorruption,Voluntary services for helpless people,etc.The great place where a person can achieve the peace of mind and the great mercy of The God. Healthy life for elders(neglected from the new generation) ,Meditation, yoga, life with The Nature .

Mahila Ashram and ashram for elders.(Women is the mother of this world and elders are the best guide ,so we must respect them,the place where they can feel secure and happy), According to Guru ji students are valuable assets of any Country.But at present education system running in India is not enough .Even after taking big degrees people are jobeless today .The Sideshwar Ashram has a very practical method of education, where focus will be given on the improving the technicalSkills of the students according to their interest under the guidance of the Great sanatan that students can get enough confidence and great character.the courses will be made like that ,every student will be able to face the compititation comfortably.

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Yes yes yes...

This is very good ashram, No fees, No paying for any foods, All books are free, Teaching are free, No advance bookings, No chaos.


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