siddhi by mantra?

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can I achieve siddhi reciting mantras?
How many times a mantra should be recited? is it 108 times for all? and for how many days? like for ganesha mantra etc.?
Is some special mala used for counting? what if we have to recite for more than 108 times?

where should my attention be during recitation of mantras?

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sidhi technique

First, I would advise you strongly not to get involved in sidhis, it can work against you, it requires long and extensive training in order to purify you, it can make enormous subconscious problems. It is not just a mantra or any other technique but mainly to avoid side effects or deviations. This is the reason why the ability is partially blocked in most people - in order to protect them.

Second, it depends on the specific sidhi you look for - there are techniques for materializing objects, for telequinecis, for mind reading and so on.

For mind reading - sit comfortably and feel your body from within with no strain. At some point you will suddenly feel a mild vibration that will become strong - extend that field of vibration to outside your body until it encompasses the whole world - at that point while you maintain awareness to this field of vibration, concentrate on the person you want to read his/her mind, then switch to his/her vibration, the same type of vibration that you feel from within your body - then say silently: "I demand to read the mind of X, it happens, tank you, thank you, thank you", then be vigilent to your stream of consciousness, to the moving content of your mind - soon you will notice images and thoughts that are not yours, that are not typical - these are the thoughts of that other person.

divine intervention | Thu, 04/28/2011 - 12:47
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can u please tell how can it

can u please tell how can it work against me? and what do u mean by ability being partially blocked? side effects?

as of now, I want to increase my concentration and mental power.which is the mantra for this?

Will this work?
"Ya devi sarvabhuteshu smriti - rupena samsthita, namas tasyai, namas tasyai, namas tasyai namo namah"

will this give siddhi after some time or I will have recite it everyday?


makar | Fri, 04/29/2011 - 01:58
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mind reading

all of the psychics don't do this?

makar | Fri, 04/29/2011 - 02:01
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Mantra open

Some mantras are like prayers, Gayatri, helpful to everyone, open for everyone.

Others are specialized, intended for a specific purpose, these are closed, restricted.

A teacher can introduce you to a mantra, explain how to do it,
initiate you into the mantra. The mantra becomes open for you.

If you find a mantra in a book, and try it, it might or might not work.

A mala is string of 108 beads. A repetition of a mantra 108 times is called a mala, 100 of which are yours and 8 are for the universe. A purascharana is 1250(?) malas, a maha purascharana is 8 purascharanas, 1,000,000 reps.

If a mantra is closed to you and you may need 1 or 2 maha purascharanas to open it.

Find a teacher.

hrit-padma-1 | Sun, 05/08/2011 - 13:28
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First you advise "strongly not to get involved in sidhis."

Then you show how to read minds.

What gives?

Quantum | Thu, 05/26/2011 - 03:33
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Personal understandings

My personal understandings about SIDDHIES is that, There are two ways to achive them.

1st: They can be achived through PRAYANAYAMS (Yogic-breathings). this course is long and tuff and need the help of perfect teacher daily who can teach us personally.

2nd: Find the weekness of any person who has achived them, so that he/she can work for you. (But beware this way is more than enough dangerous)


jasdir singh jaura | Thu, 05/26/2011 - 06:07