Sellng "Yoga"

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As already said, the most mis-understood word is "Yoga". It is also said that this term is used wherever a person wants without understanding the meaning. Out of Six Darshan Shastras, Yoga Shastra is the fourth one. The Rishi of this shastra is H.H. Patanjali. It consists of four chapters. In this entire chapters he discusses only about modification of "Prakriti" (Matter). He does not speak anything about "Purusha" (Self). Self does not under go any change. You are that self. By discussing or putting into effect about/the modification of "Prakriti" (Matter), one will not gain anything. As the Self does not under go any change, understand and hold on to that self to overcome all the problems in relative field. Our effort if required, is only to this extent.
In absolute sense nothing happened and nothing will ever happen.