Self realisation

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Self realisation

Every human being is a composite of three bodies which are the outermost gross body and the pair of inner most subtle and causal bodies. The inner most subtle and causal bodies can never be separated. The causal body is like gold and the subtle body is like its ornament. The ornament cannot exist without gold. But the gold can exist without ornament. In a realized soul, the subtle body which is a bundle of qualities subsides and only the causal body or the soul is left over. In every ordinary human being only the subtle body exists, which means that the subtle body exists along with its causal body. Thus in every ordinary human being both the integrated subtle and causal bodies co-exist so that we should use the word Jeevatman.

Jeeva is the subtle body and Atman is the causal body. In the case of any ordinary human being the Jeevatman exists covered by the gross body like the golden ornament in a box. In the case of a realized or liberated soul only Atman exists in the gross body like a lump of gold in a box. In any case the gross body is mortal because it is a form of matter bound in a regular shape characterized by high entropy. Entropy is a scientific word which means irregularity or freedom which is spontaneous in the nature. The five elements are forced in a regular form of gross body and in every minute these five elements are trying to separate and go into free-state or randomness. Thus the gross body is mortal which is known to everybody under the name death. The innermost Jeevatman is the immortal as long as the ignorance of the soul (Avidya) continues. The qualities are vibrations of the soul and the soul is pure awareness (Chit). These qualities continue as long as the realization of original nature of the soul does not take place.

Once the human being realizes that ‘he or she’ is that undisturbed pure awareness (soul), the vibrations or waves subside and thus the qualities disappear.

Thus the gross body is immortal up to the death and the subtle body is immortal up to the self-realization. The self is subjected to the blind ignorance which leads to the superimposition of the self (soul) on the subtle body and gross body. The pure awareness, in fact, is really temporary and disappears in the deep sleep and arises on awakening. But the awareness or the soul is essentially the inert energy in its basic form which is eternal and will never be destroyed. Even in Maha Pralaya this basic inert energy remains preserving the design of the world like the information chip of any electronic instrument. Of course this basic inert energy was also created by God and it is the first created item.

It can disappear if the God wishes so. But God will never destroy this basic energy containing the design of the world like a film of the cinema or a CD of an electronic instrument. In this sense the basic inert energy is immortal.

This is the source of awareness and awareness is the source of all qualities and feelings including “I”. Thus the gross body, the subtle body and the awareness are not immortal. But the essential basic energy form of this awareness is immortal which is referred in the feeling of immortal Atman or immortal Brahman. This basic immortal energy in the gross body is called as Atman. The same immortal energy in the entire universe is called as Brahman. Thus there is only a quantitative difference between Atman and Brahman. In fact the matter is also a form of this basic energy.

All the forms like light, heat, sound etc. are also this basic energy. Thus Atman is in continuity with the external cosmos since the gross body is also it’s another form only. The immortality of this basic energy called as Atman or Brahman continues through the superimposition and thus the gross body or the subtle body is also felt as immortal.


Self realization

Three bodies have been said hereby. At some places in books these are said five bodies while some saints and books have said these bodies are seven.
Three bodies: 1. gross body which is made of flesh and blood etc. and which is directly available for appearance, touching, feeling.This body takes birth; and becomes dead when casualty of death happens to it. Gross body has five elements.
2.subtle body which remains in gross body up-to the time of death of gross body. It is also called linga sharir, sooksham sharir. Subtle body has seventeen elements.
3.Casual body which is also spoken as kaarana sharir. This body is the wrapper made of Maya in which soul(Atma tatv walled) is contained. This is told as pitcher in which soul element remaining as water from the point of view of understanding; and this pitcher has been in ocean and this ocean is again spoken as Brahma. Let break the pitcher in ocean and water merges with the water. Atama merges with the Brahma as well as soul merges with the Over-soul.

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