Seeking Pleasure

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Why do we give such Importance to Pleasure?

Have we ever deeply thought about it and the various implications involved in it. I wish we could discuss this for i feel that most of the problems stem for it. That is not to say that i am advocating abstinence. We know of people who derive pleasure in inflicting pain upon themselves. So to me abstinence is not very different from seeking pleasure.

To initiate the discussion may i propose that it may be because otherwise our lives are so dull and we would probably go to sleep if we were not seeking pleasure which is still another kind of seeking pleasure. The weekend has begun & now the question is which kind of pleasure do we choose, to continue to sleep or entertain ourselves with this so called spiritual discussion or whatever..

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Pleasure is companion of pain

In these days of entertainment and glorification of superficial life, any questioning of pleasure must be heresy. Yet we need to investigate all that is involved in pleasure as it occupies so much of our life.

I had read somewhere that a sad saint is a sad saint. In Isha Upnishad it is said that we must enjoy everything by renunciation and with an understanding that Divine consciousness permeates everything.

Why are we asked to maintain self restraint. I have come across many incidents when seekers are quick to point the virtue of moderation when it comes to spiritual endavour (Sadhana). Yet we feel that any advice to do with the pleasures goes against our freedom of choice. So much for our pretense of being sincere seekers. When pleasure become all important the "others" follow suit as a part of package deal. These others are pain, the worship of mammon, fear insecurity and all other attendant evils.

One cannot renounce pleasures because it is part of parcel of what we are. Yet true understanding could help us maintain a healthy balance. Bulleshah the famous Sufi saint was told by his Guru (Murshid, who was gardening at that time) that it was as easy as planting a sapling from one place to another.

joejo | Sun, 02/28/2010 - 08:02