The Secret Doctrine - H P Blavatsky

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Eventough i am one who know Her Holiness Blavatsky as it is ..... how many of you know of her "the secret doctrine"
and Theosophical institute ..

Share ur vies here...

Krishna murthy and Theosophical institute Adyar are also welcome.


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I'm familiar with them

I'm familiar with the secrets of the Theosophical Society including the secret doctrine. There are versions of these which are not the true diamond.

As opposed to the public image, Krishnaji continued to be involved with these secrets after leaving the society but in a clandestine way. he thought that if people know about them, it will divert them from the important issues of awareness.

But I cannot share them with you. I cannot be sure that you are ready for them, you seem absentminded and they can therefore cause you a great harm.

If you happen to be near Chennai you can go to Vasanta Vihar and the headquarter of the TS nearby, sit in the libraries and start investigate. if you are ready the true secrets will reveal to you.

dank | Thu, 08/06/2009 - 13:32
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Madame Blavatsky is quite

Madame Blavatsky is quite familiar for the disciples of Master's Meditation. Off course the word Master is born from Theosophy. There is consciousness in the word Master. Masterism is a new dimension to Yoga. We can’t totally say Masters are from the Tibet Origin. Masters are Independent and Physically Immortal. It is not said they were there earlier, but may be with a different name. Search in Tibet Madame Blavatsky found Masterism. The other similar words in regard to Master are Mahatma, sadguru and Maha yogi.

In Himalayas there were Tibetan saints, Buddhist saints and Hindu saints. In most of the times these three traditions mix (In Master’s Yoga it is there – called triveni Sangamam).
It would be fine if you maintain those traditions as it is. Madame Blavatsky, Led Beater and Col.Alcot tried to mix this Himalayan tradition with white brother hood, but it failed. What they have done good or bad is not the question here. Here the simple principle is spirituality does not exist with Religion.

Though Theosophical Society is born in America, it started its operation from India with the help of Madame Blavatsky and Col.Alcot. They feel that India is the best place for Spiritual developments. Madame Blavatsky had esataric site. Her hobby is to experiment on the unknown secrets. She had done experiments on Mysticism in Egypt and South Africa. She got grip from the Buddhist saints. She got ‘Dyan Cohans’. With the help of Dyan Cohans she had written books of secret Doctrine and Iris Unveiled.

She came to Chennai on April 23rd 1883 from Calcutta. Mr.T.Subba Rao, a madras High court lawyer, Mr.R.Raghunatha Rao and etc received Madame Blavatsky. Mr.T.Subba Rao is the person who invited Madame Blavatsky to Chennai. He is the one who had given deep explanations on saints, yoga etc to Madame Blavatsky. Mr.Subba Rao is the first Secretary of Theosophy.

There is a secret to form Theosophical society in Adyar, Chennai. Madame Blavatsky found one or two Masters in the regions of Chennai in her vision. She had written a letter to Mr.Subba Rao to find out those masters. At that time Master CVV and Ramana Maharshi didn’t become familiar. They are too young. Madame didn’t have their proper physical appearances. To meet them she chooses Chennai. Mr.T.Subba Rao is a great saint. He himself directly invited to madam to Chennai and helped in forming Theosophical Society, but Madame didn’t found his inner feelings, why he is doing it.
Mr.Venkaswamy Rao (Master CVV) is the member of the inner circle of theosophy. Madame was unable to find Mr.Venka Swamy Rao.
Mr.T Subba rao is disciple of master Morya.
Led beater’s master is Master KuthHomi.
Mr.Venkaswamy Rao was born with the ray of master Mythreya.
Col.Alcot is the disciple of master Morya.
Col.Alcot had links with Master Morya and master KuthHomi.
Like this it formed a group who were influenced by Masters.

Madame Blavatsky does not know that Mr.Subba Rao is the disciple of master Morya. Mr.Led beater had good astral site. After reading the book Iris Unveiled written by Madame Blavatsky, Ms.Anaebisent became friend to Madam and she helped a lot to develop the theosophy. These people are the pillars of the Theosophy.

In two certain situations Col.Alcot meet Master Morya and master KuthHomi. Mr.Damodar Mavlankar seen and met Master KuthHomi several times. Mr.Subba Rao had good relation with Master Jupiter. Master Jupiter is Agasthya Maharshi. Mr.Subba Rao introduced Mr. Led Beater and other theosophical member to Master Jupiter.
Master CVV’s guru is Master MTA(Mythreya). Agasthya Maharshi is the key person of master’s Yoga. It is also called Agasthya Yoga.
Master CVV started that work where Madame Blavatsky left. Master’s Satya Yoga can be said extension to the Theosophy. The big heads of the Theosophy use to stop with discussion, where Master CVV made it Practically or we can say applied it.

Madame Blavatsky in her next birth born as Ms.Venkamma (Mother CV, who was married to Master CVV. The incomplete work (The dream of new yoga) by the Madame Blavatsky was done in her next birth through Mother CV. Master CVV’s Satya Yoga is a Fruit from a Tree Called Theosophy. It’s the dream come true of Madame Blavatsky.


Mastercvvyoga | Sat, 08/15/2009 - 15:29

theosophical society

In India a theosophical society was established by a foreigner for the welfare of Indian public and she has also written a book named the secret doctrine. Long ago I desired to study this book but for I couldn't.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 08/15/2009 - 18:47
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The secret doctrine is available in the net. It is not a secret anymore

vsrinivasan1879 | Thu, 08/27/2009 - 08:47
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The secret doctrine

Try these sites.Both Volume I and II are available.

vsrinivasan1879 | Thu, 08/27/2009 - 08:53
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The Secret Doctrine

There are several other sites.One more is given.

vsrinivasan1879 | Thu, 08/27/2009 - 08:59
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thanks for the

thanks for the information.


Mastercvvyoga | Fri, 08/28/2009 - 03:58