Scientific Prevention of Swine Flue using Household Products

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1. Inhale clove (Lavag) or Nilgiri oil for one second

2. Chew one clove in a day

3. Eat raw garlic, onion, ginger (0.1 to 0.5 gm)

4. Drink hot milk with 2gm of turmeric

5. Consume plenty of Vitamin C Fruits: Lemon\Orange \ Mausambi \Avala(Amla)

6. Drink plenty of water and Do "Pranayam" for atleast 15 min a day to increase resistance power and to have control on respiratory system

Best One :- Use / Put Camphor or Nilgiri tel (Uclepsctics) in Hankies / pillow cover / at your Work places .

Aushdho Janvi toye vaidho Nayano Hari.