The Sanatana Dharma

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"According to the traditional Hindu Sanatana Darma (The Eternal Law) system, all human beings are classified into different categories, as Jnanis, Yogis, Sidhas and Avatars. This classification is mainly based upon the spiritual attainments of the individuals.
"A Jnani is a highly learned person who is proficient in Vedas, Shastras, etc. He is an ocean of knowledge and can give sound advice for any day-to-day problem based upon his knowledge. A Yogi is one who has attained certain spiritual powers like ability to go Samadhi for long length of time and to telepathically communicate to far off distances. To attain this stage, one has to be not only a Jnani but also should have practiced various forms of Yogas including Meditation and Penance. Yogis have perfect control of their body, to such an extent that they can stop breathing for hours together. They can even levitate above ground. When a Yogi attains high level of spiritual plane, he becomes a Sidha. A Sidha can perform very sophisticated miracles like disappearing and appearing at various places, curing persons of their ailments and materializing things from no where.

"Above all theses stages are the Avatars who are basically incarnations of various Gods. Even though they possessed same form and behave totally like other human beings, they are much above other classes of humans. Just as for one qualified technician it is necessary for him to recognize another technician, only spiritually advanced people like Yogis and and Siddhas will be able to recognize Avatars.

"Avatarpurushas can not only have full control of their own mind and body but also on those of others. For normal people it is only the full and sincere devotion that can give them ability to recognize and understand Avatarpurushas. These Avatar-purushas would have many holly and auspicious marks on their bodies. At times they cast no shadows or would not have left any footprints while walking. Their actions are not limited to small set of people, but meant for the entire mankind. Among avatars are some Mortal and a few Immortals. The former one leave their body at the end of their mission while the latter maintain their bodies throughout the time. While Rama, Krishna etc., belong to the former group, Hanuman and Baba Gorakhnakh belong to the latter. Even though the immortal ones maintain their bodies, they stay in visible form by their Yogic powers. Normally the mortal Avatars are incarnations of Lord Vishnu while the immortals are of Lord Shiva." - K.L Jand in his book Immortal Babaji & His Lilas