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All kind of sadhanas, whether it be Pranayama, Meditation, Awakening of Kundalini etc. etc. are in the field of Prakriti or Maya (Matter). Physical, Subtle and even Causal body are nothing but modification of Prakriti (Matter). You are the Purusha (Call it by any name Pure Awareness, Brahman etc.) You will not become anything else by all these kind of sadhanas. Remove the ignorance which is veiling your true state. Do not become, Just BE.

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> You are the Purusha (Call

> You are the Purusha (Call it by any name Pure Awareness,
> Brahman etc.)

There may be many different names we can call an orange; each language has a different name. The name you call it doesn't change how the orange tastes, or its nutritional value. If you're hungry, you can eat it, the name doesn't matter.

So would you agree that whether we use any of these names (Purusha or Pure Awareness or Maurice or whatever), or whether we don't use any of them... doesn't matter?

> Just BE.

If you go to a restaurant, and the waiter asks what you want, and you say, "Food," you won't get served. What you said is true, but it's not helpful. In practice, you need to be specific about what KIND of food you're ordering.

Likewise, "Just BE" isn't wrong advice... but it's so non-specific, how is it of any help, how is it useful?


RandomStu | Fri, 10/02/2009 - 00:32