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How I See Sri Sai Satcharita -3

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Chapter 4 of Sri Sai satcharita

While Kakasaheb Dixit was in meditation in those days, Sri Sai appeared as Vithal of Pandharpur. After a while on the same day a vendor of photographs came along with a photograph matching exactly with the vision he had in meditation. Kakasaheb Dixit purchased that photograph, installed it in his altar and started worshipping the same.

While I was meditating in 1991, Sri Sai appeared as SHIVA and told me to worship the visualized form. When I went to Shirdi in December 1991, I was delighted to see in a shop a photograph of Sri Sai as SHIVA matching exactly the vision I had earlier that year. I bought the photograph, installed it in my altar and started worshipping it. When I read Bhagawantrao Kshirsagar's story I felt that what Sri Sai has said then could amply be applicable to my life. My father, a devotee of Sri Sai, passed away in 1974. We did not worship Sri Sai in our house from 1974 to 1989. Sri Sai did not perform HIS LEELA 's and Miracles to show HIS greatness. These LEELAS and Miracles were performed as demanded by the situation for lighting the spark of Enlightenment in the devotees. One such Miracle was flowing of waters from Ganga and Yamuna from the toes of Sri Sai in response to Das Ganu's wish to bathe at the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna at Prayag. How lucky is that Das Ganu for having experienced this miracle. Devotees of Sri Sai tried in-vain to find out about who were Sri Sai's parents, where was he born and from where he came to Shirdi. Actually who can be parents of GOD? How can GOD be born? Such questions about birthplace of GOD and HIS parents are proofs of stupidity and ignorance. Sri Sai told his devotees that HIS Preceptor / Master meditated and practiced Penance in an underground closed chamber under a Neem tree in Shirdi. Today that place is called Guru Sthan (Master's place) by Sai devotees. I went for the first time to Shirdi in 1989 and had Darshan of Sri Sai in Samadhi Mandir. I commenced daily devotional study of Sri Sai Satcharitra on 07 June 1990. When I was asleep once in 1990, Sri Sai appeared in my dream and showed me that underground chamber under Neem tree in Shirdi. That vision coincided exactly with the description of the underground chamber in Sri Sai Satcharitra. This incident has firmly convinced me that as Sri Sai spoke to HIS devotees in 1858, HE continues to do so even today although HE attained Samadhi earlier. The place where Sri Sai Samadhi Mandir stands today in Shirdi was once a beautiful garden lovingly tended by Sri Sai. This act of tending a garden with love by Sri Sai is a clear direction given by HIM to mankind that they should lovingly serve not only fellow human beings and animals but also plants and trees which too have a life. A true example of Loving and Conserving NATURE.