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How I See Sri Sai Satcharita -1

Chapter 1 of Sri Sai satcharita

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Sri Hemadri Pant described the episode of grinding of wheat by Sri Sai Baba in the First chapter of Sri Sai Satcharita. I hope that you have understood the inner significance of wheat grinding. When I was meditating on Sri Sai on this subject, HE gave me a message, which I am narrating to you, so please listen .
“You become wheat to be ground in a grinding mill called society, become flour to be converted into bread for my devotees.”
Each Sai devotee, understanding the significance of this message, must strive for the welfare of fellow human beings and do justice to the society. You can see the grinding mill used by Sri Sai Baba for grinding wheat even today in Sri Sai Samadhi Temple in Shirdi. Many devotees visit Shirdi to see and pay their respects to that grinding mill. When I paid my respects to that grinding mill in Dwarakamayi I remembered a question posed by Bhakta Kabir to his disciples. He asked

“What is wrong in worshipping a grinding mill made of stone, which gives wheat flour to people in society, when we worship idols sculpted from stone?”
Once Sri Sai Baba, while narrating events of his previous births, said
“I was Kabir in my earlier birth and used to spin yarn.”
That means Sri Sai when born as Kabir used to say,
“Individuals in a society are like a yarn, to be fed into a loom for being woven as good cloth.”
When he was reborn as Sri Sai Baba he said
“All Sai devotees in society must be ground in a grinding mill to become flour for conversion into bread for fellow human beings.