results of our karma

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all religions nd spiritual teachings say that the hurdles which we are facing today are the results of past actions in past lives calld our "karmas"..
so thats certain that u are reaping what u sowed...nothing is coincidence..
you can now do two things..either you accept this simple spiritual truth and take things as they come in ur life...and learn new things from them ...OR
you can have those PASSIONATE lives which most ppls on earth are running after...including those spiritual personalities(thats true)....i dont think i am condemning those ppls who want to practice there free will to have a meaningful life...but that doesnt free u of ur hurdles which u HAVE to face now or sometime in this case you will be facing them with INCREASED strength and it will give u more broader result...which u are its not sth wrong....BUT one thing u have to keep in mind that YOU CANNOT THEN BLAME ANYONE may it be ppls or even god....u will be a perfect seeker of truth then...
om sai ram