relation b/w god guru and parents

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lokking around yourself u find urself to be submerged in magnitude of problems.problem of adjustment,of acceptance,of curbing the monstrous ego problems..and the list goes on....
.all other problems which we face are actually the projection of our inability to cope with the relations..the relations which affect us the most are with the parents..
inspite of this fact our religious culture always emphasis more on the relationship with the GURU ..
students were sent to ashrams for most of there tender years there away from parents...ignoring the fact the aspirant sees the face of her mother hears the word of her mother frst..
infact most of our problems may be solved by correcting our messed up relations...needs courage of course...but that may be worth it..
but still the relation with guru is told to be more important??can any one clear it...its daring of course..
pls reply..

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Guru is more important.

Our maid use to bring her ten years daughter along with her at our home for the help in her works, One day i advised the girl child to force her mother to put her in the school for her studies, so that she may grew up as a smart girl,

After few days i herd the news that now she is going to school, I was happy to here the news, and after two months i again saw her at our home helping her mother in her works,

I asked the girl child what happened why now she is not going to school, The child replied that the studies are tuff, my teacher use to scold me, moreover there is no trend of studies in our family,

I noticed that the girl is also not very much intrested in studing, plus she was also having some faimly preassure which was against her studies,

Now i don't know what will happen with the girl child, But! i learned one lesson form this,
That the guru is more important even more important than my parents too, because, if the girl would have been taken my advice and keep on continueing her studing with doing all her efforts even forcing her parents again and again for her studies,i think she would be able to devlop her bright future, But No!,

The parents or family is bounded in old rites or trends, they always want that our childrens should spend their whole life as they have spended their own,
This does not means that they are wrong, or they are against the betterment of their child,
They treat their child as according to best of their knowledge,like that small girl child, as her was doing best for her as according to her she was teaching her how to work as a good maid in differents homes,
The poor mother she is unknown,

So, the guru is more important,
I hope that my point is understood-able,

jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 10/15/2010 - 05:58
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thankx for the reply..
i understand that the viewpoint of the guru is more gross and also more subtle thats the BEST guidance one can ever have from someone..
may it be a friend,parent or anyone else noone can be of so tremendous help.!!
i think those walking on the path of spiritualit ar even on path of some goodness should invariably have that guidance as this world is quit challenging for them..
but embrace of the guru and setting aside of these relation needs courage...but that is really worth it...
but u dont need a guru if u ignore the path of spirituality totally..there are number of such ppls in the world who are well versed in there family affairs and seldom think of higher subjects as spirituality because it needs courage...
they are happy to be worldly:)

omsairam | Fri, 10/15/2010 - 12:10