Regarding the Law of Attraction and surrendering / allowing etc!!!

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Jai Shri Guru!

I understand that Ego comes into play with this LOA stuff.....but I am trying to just accept the things as they are and failing miserably on some days when I have to deal with the hard practical things of life - how to pay my bills? How to look after my parents?? Where am I going to get the money for all of this?? I don't seem to be getting any 'divine messages' as well through intuition or whatever!!

My Guru and a lot of spiritual masters also say that money is an obstacle to spiritual progress....I haven't 'realised' this completely!

It is a bloody pain to be unliberated and also not desire for I feel like asking God - either give me liberation OR just fulfil my temporal desires pls...

Is it the Ego's need to create such things that gets us attracted to LOA?

What is the highest path - Creating things (too often through our EGO) OR to surrender and accept whatever happens by doing our duty in this world (by not being greedy for more things, money and sensual pleasures etc)???

I don't want to know whether one can 'manifest' or 'create' things by LOA or not, I just want to know what is the 'highest path' in the spiritual life and the attitude one should have towards LOA!?!?!


I hope u guys see the essence of what I am trying to ask!


Thank you,

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Acceptance and money

Accepting things does not mean or necessarily lead to being apathetic and inactive. It leads to you doing the right actions not out of fear and worry but out of practical necessity. It works this way!

Money is clearly not an obstacle to spiritual progress, it is an object, it is an energy. It is the same as an apple or a rock. What might turn into an obstacle is your attitude towards money - either extreme desire or hatred. Money is important for conducting happy life, anyone who will deny this is hypocrite - the issue is not that but how much money one really needs to have a happy life and this is far less money than what most of us desire. Work on that, do not feel guilty about wanting money - this guilt is the most dangerous hindrance on the spiritual path.

davids | Wed, 01/13/2010 - 06:58
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Cause of Bondage

I totally agree with David.

The great sage Ramakrishna also said Kamini and Kanchan, attraction to the opposite sex and money are the root cause of bondage. This is because we are caught in them or say invest so much of our energy and time on it that we have none left for any thing else.

Many enlightened persons have been householders and active participants in social life. There is this famous debate in Gita about superiority of renunciation or efficient action(Karmyoga).

The ego is the bondage and the bound. To dicover the reality of it in our daily transactions may uncover its twists and turns.

Knowthyself goes the famous saying.

joejo | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 03:30