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Freedom is the raison d’être of Tibetans who, for thousands of years, have been nomads roaming with herds of yaks on the roof of the world, a plateau as vast as Europe. Fifty years after the invasion by communist China, new generations of Tibetans born in exile in India have not forgotten a Tibet they have never seen. They are united around the Dalai Lama but also busy surviving the harsh environment of India in settlements too crippled by unemployment and diseases to efficiently fight China.
Thru waves of joy and sorrow, they prepare their youth to preserve a culture on the decline. The world of spirits and wrathful deities is engaged in fiery battles as everything must pass on the earth plane. Tibetans live and die in non-violence knowing Tibet must be freed against all odds.
Dolma, an invisible woman in quest of herself in a troubled world, voices her frustration as our witness in this poignant documentary shot in a dozen refugee camps:

“The echo of the conches, the danyen, the kangdung, the damaru, invite me to a distant world where celestial dakinis take me by the hand. As I dive relentlessly in delight, the wrathful deities sail on stormy clouds around us. I am Tara, painting with sand a treasure map. Thru the web of conflicts, I hear cries agonizing for freedom, faceless, nameless, their mind out of tune, their memory stolen. We don’t need your sorrows, a million times too late. My sisters are sold as whores, orphans beg around the Barkhor in the streets of Lhasa. We never had beggars in Tibet before. My civilization is sinking into destruction, Tibet is now a land of darkness draped in misery. The blood of slaughtered Tibetan nuns runs thru my veins. Tara descends her throne, fierce goddess on a carpet of sweet blossom fragrance, the hail dropping light drums on the rain washed leaves, chimes carried away by pregnant clouds, Tara, Beloved Queen, commands the element of nature to protect the forbidden land. Effortless being, Arya Tara is Dolma, the cosmic mother of liberation.”