Qualifications of the Seeker

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I recall a interesting anecdote from Zen tradition. Once a disciple came to the Master and asked him Who is Buddha. The master told him Mind is Buddha. Now the disciple went away and carries on his practices. He comes years later and asks the Master the very same question he had asked before "Who is Buddha"? The master told him that No Mind No Buddha. Now the disciple was puzzled and asked his master why he had earlier told me that Mind is Buddha. He said that earlier he was not ripe enough to understand No Mind NO Buddha.

I gave this example because Buddhist tradition was not apparently a revolt to priest craft and Vedic tradition. Vedic tradition said that there were various levels of seekers and only some were Adhikari ( qualified) for highest truth.

How justified is this.

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It was a revolt, this is a totally different case

As you say yourself this is just an example. You cannot conclude generically based on an example.

Plus, revolt is not only regarding the levels aspect.

Plus, this is a bad example anyway. The tradition defined the levels based on origin and cultural criteria. In this story, the level is determined directly based on how evolved the specific seeker is and is intended to give the seeker exactly what he/she needs to hear so that it will be effective for him. This is one of the key approaches of Buddha - to be able to say the same thing in many different ways for many different minds.

nancy pro | Fri, 02/12/2010 - 18:30
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Qualifications of a seeker

Hi Nancy

So i take it that you are in agreement that there are different levels of seekers and the teachings should be suited to these different levels.

So that's fine and could we have any other views before we begin to delve deeper into this. Also i just wanted to add -- Who makes this choice, the Teacher (guru) or the disciple? To amplify, is the teacher to say what he will and will not teach the disciple, a particular way or the disciple free to choose. Also are only some capable of assimilating the highest truth?

joejo | Sat, 02/13/2010 - 00:44
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Qualifications of a seeker:

Based on scriptures only:

The seeker should have a yearning desire for liberation.
This was evident in many saints as we know, but all such liberated souls have this attribute in common.
As for an example:
Lord Buddha
Lord Jesus
Mahavatara Babaji
Swami Samarth
Swami Trailinga
Shirdi Sai Baba
Sant Gnaneswar
etc. etc. etc.

Surya Kumar Mishra | Sun, 05/30/2010 - 10:52