Problems with ramana maharshis self-inquiry

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i've been dealing with severe anxiety for the last years and i've been trying out various helps until i came across the philosophy of ramana maharshi. i was instantly hooked as i've found his approach on the illusory self eye-opening. in the following, i naturally wanted to apply his technique of self-inquiry, but everything i have achieved so far was just more frustration. the problem is that i don't seem to find this illusory self that keeps control over me and everytime i have the feeling that i can feel it clear i am never quite sure if it's the right feeling or just another illusion of the mind. i also get confused whether the experiencer or seer is a part of the illusory self or awareness. another problem is that everytime i try to do self-inquiry, i instantly get a really awful feeling of rejection of the current situation and mind keeps spitting out distracting thoughts as if my mind is rejecting self-inquiry itself, and i feel how much power this has over me.

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Re: Problems with ramana maharshis self-inquiry

Whatever Ramana Maharshi acquired was without a Guru.
In the scriptures it is said,
"Dubious is all one's knowledge
If a Guru one doesn't acknowledge."

The better course for an individual is practicing Navatha Bhakti towards one's favourite God while leading a life of truth. In due course, by the grace of favourite God things will become clear.
Ramana Maharshi worshipped Lord Shiva but his followers and disciples don't worship Lord Shiva or God for divine grace without which self-inquiry is projected by ego.

Hari Om!

Nathyogi | Fri, 04/17/2015 - 08:36
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dont over think

The mind will try to take over the moment
if you want to stop the mind
think about your eye's. Pay attention to your eye's.
try it your thoughts will slow

When there is no mind. Self inquiry will manifest.
There is no need to push for it. That is the mind.

Karma also effects thoughts. Your actions have an effect on you
as well as others.

Truth and insight seem too appear when there is no push
by the mind or ego to attain them

If you continue focusing on your eyes
paying attention to how your eye's feel
the mind slows

You do not need a Guru too act inquire and
contemplate as a human
You do need a Guru to unlock the seal of Karma
within your eye's. Allowing you to burn off your karma

Saint Vallalaar is one Guru who can do this
and his Trust foundation in Tamil Nadu can help if you
want to pursue

Mr jack | Sun, 06/28/2015 - 03:22
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Great help for practicing self enquiry correctly

What you experience during your trials to practice Ramana's self enquiry is common. There are many pitfalls one can fall into when trying to watch the I Thought, most of them are addressed and discussed in the following 2 classic articles that helped so many (including myself):

A few quick comments regarding your concerns:

You need to do it with patience. Don't press yourself and put aside expectations as well as theoretical questions of the mind (like "i also get confused whether the experiencer or seer is a part of the illusory self or awareness"). These are just deliberate distractions of the mind. You will be able to deal with them later on, now focus solely on the technique, do it like a robot.

Spotting the I feeling - it's a bit hard in the beginning, the following technique is very helpful in that (make sure to exactly follow the instructions at the top):

Good luck, it's a most powerful tool! I can testify it from my own personal experience.

nancy pro | Mon, 11/02/2015 - 10:51