Prana vayu and apana vayu vs. tree prana and earth prana

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Can anyone verify-clarify the relationship between prana vayu and apana vayu relative to tree prana and earth prana?

Is prana vayu the same as tree prana and is apana vayu the same as earth prana?

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I am of the opinion that

I am of the opinion that pranavayu is that we inhale and apanavayu is produced during the course of digestion(undigested food in the form of gas).When tree is the part of the earth,how can we separate them

mbnarayana | Mon, 10/24/2011 - 14:19
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tree prana and earth prana

People are part of the earth too.

I'm trying to understand what I have read from sources on the internet.

Searching google for tree prana and earth prana, I find many interesting links.

Stand on the ground with bare feet and draw earth prana into your heels, up your legs with each inhale.

Ask a giant tree for spare prana, draw the tree prana into your
palms, up your arms with each inhale.

Buddha reached enlightenment under a tree.

Pranayama texts suggest sitting on woolen blankets, deer skins, tiger skins to insulate you from the earths energy.

Unite pranavayu and apanavayu via moola bandha and jalandhara bandha.

How do you make sense out of all of this?

hrit-padma-1 | Sun, 10/30/2011 - 14:54