The Practice of Natural Meditation

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In almost all the meditation practices, the attention of the practitioner is focused on some determined field: breath, sounds, colors, thoughts, concepts such as Love, and so on. There are also some practices which emphasize that to develop some degree of letting go skills, the practitioner must develop a “choiceless” awareness, not focused on anything in particular, but rather to all that he can perceive. These types of practices are called “Natural Meditation” or “Bare Awareness” Meditation. This is practiced in some traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism.
In Natural Meditation, you really do not do anything. You sit there and let yourself be. Take your hands off the steering wheel. You simply close your eyes and rest as choiceless, effortless, silent awareness.
Now, what does that mean, “awareness”? Close your eyes and watch for the next thought that crosses your mind. Don’t wait for anything. When you did this, probably nothing happened. That part of you that is “watching the screen” is awareness. You just rest as that. If that sounds confusing, it’s not meant to be so. Literally, sit down, close your eyes, and do nothing.
Let yourself “be breathed.”
Rest as silent, choiceless, effortless awareness.