the paradox of Enlightenment

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There is no “realization” – Since there is no-other... it would mean the Self realizes it-Self. It would be like Now realizing it is not Time. Or Time realizing it is something it can never be: Now.
And yet when Self, Kundalini, Shakti, Samadhi alias Guru ... manifests itself to thoughts, mind, nothing happens and yet: everything changes... as deception vanishes and reality is not the same.
This “nothing-happens and yet reality is not the same” changes perception: a person can for example realize that something else is doing things, thinking ... that the body/mind is just a tool or robot for something else, Self, that is actually controlling Everything – like this writing.
When a mind somehow “realizes” that something else is doing/controlling/thinking Everything in the Universe, and the body is just a part of this Everything then the appearance of cause and effect vanishes and things start happening with magic.

Just like in a dream: All the forces of the Universe come together in everyone/everything ... but only the person who realizes that Self is “controlling” everything can realize what Cosmology tells us we are: Always the center of the universe ( and also its leading-edge, to be everywhere because the Mind is the Universe) – the Mind is the Universe and the separation of the body from the universe become illusion, fiction.

When the mind somehow realizes that something else is controlling it/Everything ... everything becomes magic, miracles are always happening and yet everyone else is oblivious to them ...

If there is a thing like Realization, then it would apply to the person who sees him/herself as being not only the center of the Universe but the Universe ... and all the forces of the Universe come together for everyone but only that person realizes it, one magic or miracle after another.
-- O'no