Other people: Angels or Demons?

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Recently talking to a friend who hates people. (!) I think it was the mood she was in, but I'm not sure it's not an underlying theme.

She contends that people are perfect and beautiful - and at the same time act like kooks, clods and creeps. She is quite sure that if they took a moment to look at their actions, they would be horrified.

How often do we really look at our own actions? How does this play into your spirituality? How does the concept of mirroring play into it?

My Guru contends that people cannot do anything that cannot ultimately be traced to a yearning for God.

Prayer = yearning for god
Sex = yearning for god
hate = yearning for god
generosity = yearning for god
cutting you off in traffic and causing an accident, then speeding away = yearning for god
killing = yearning for god

What do you think?

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We do everything for the sake of Self

In the Brihadaranyka Upnishad in the dialouge between Yagyavalk (Sage) & Mertraey (wife) in which he tells her that husband or wife is not dear for the sake of husband or wife but for the sake of Self. He makes similar allusions to everything.

So Self is the dearest of all and we know that Self is nothing but God.

I haven't figured it out fully though.

joejo | Wed, 02/24/2010 - 06:29
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What is your conception of self?

What is your conception of Self?

I mean devoid of all the ideas we heard or read about it.

You say "we know that Self is nothing but God". I don't know this. I did hear this argument of course, it may be true, it sounds right, but my experience does not contain at all any occurrences that support this claim so I cannot honestly say that I know this.

angel76 | Wed, 02/24/2010 - 21:19
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My concept of the self is the ego or the me but what the sage was referring to here is the Advaitic (non dual) concept of Self (Atman) which according to vedanta is same as Brahmn (Absolute or God).

For example it is the one sun that is reflected in various pitchers. The reflection is the individual soul (Jeeva) which in essence is not different from the sun. Therefore if the individual takes away his identification from body, mind etc he finds that his Self (Atman) is same as Universal Self (God).

joejo | Thu, 02/25/2010 - 01:32
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I must admit- I also hate humans sometimes..

Sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them..
A real loving relationship huh? ha ha! :-)
At least I'm honest about this and myself,
I know I have this judgment and anger problem sometimes,
But I try to hide it and always treat people with kindness and respect, Though sometimes i fall but then I feel guilty and try to apologize and fix what I've done.. since I'm judgmental on myself it is natural I'll do the same with others.. Sometimes I remember that other people are also God in disguise, pure and wise and loving souls.. and sometimes i see them as just bad and selfish human beings.. It's hard to remember this and see the beauty when they act in such an ugly and uncaring way..

I have an explanation for this though.. I always felt that I do not belong to this Earth (and probably I don't..) and I always felt special and more sensitive and caring.. but the uncaring of others made me feel hurt and alone and to feel so much pain because of their bad behaviour so this made them my enemies.. also the enemies of the beautiful world and nature and even of God.. But it took me some time to find more forgiveness and love and understanding in them so today I love them most of the time.. :-)

Oh.. I do not agree with what your guru has said.. People do not do everything as yearning for God.. They sometimes do it because of the pain and disappointment of not being connected to God maybe.. but their focus is in the other direction- of not getting what they wanted.. to be loved.. to be accepted.. to get the love or god in the Wrong things.. They look for themselves in others and see all the bad that in them in those others.. But if they only looked to be more Loving- they would find god and all of what they were looking for all along.. for by Loving- we find Love and Are Loved! :-)

We also just Love ourselves and even our own egos and personality and the little child within us (Not escaping it by "losing the ego" or disappearing.. or dropping all our wants and dreams.. and become nothing..). When we accept ourselves for who we really are- we learn to understand and accept and love other just for who They are.. it is as simple as that! :-)

Bye now!
Gil :-)

We Are God Enough! :-)

LoveBeing | Sun, 06/13/2010 - 20:43