Ocean of World

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Ocean of World

Devotees often pray that they should cross this ocean of world. What is this ocean? Does it mean this physical world which is made of matter, awareness and inert energy? No. The world here means the worldly bonds which are just your strong feelings of mind. The drama is neither the stage, nor the dress nor the actors. The drama means only the story, dialogues and actions. Therefore, the drama means only the activity of mind and does not have any physical sense. Such worldly bonds with your human form and some other human forms (family) constitute the ocean of the world, which you have to cross.

God also comes in the same human form and competes with those worldly bonds. God will not compete with the worldly bonds of every soul, because He knows that He will be utterly defeated without deposit in the case of almost all the human beings. If He wants to have a real bond with soul, He should be born as the family member of the soul. Then only He can achieve the real love from any soul, being its family member. Dasaratha, Nanda, Kausalya and Yashoda etc., loved the Lord as their son but not as God. If God comes in human form, which is not related to the human being in anyway (as son or father or brother etc.), God is sure to lose His deposit in such competition. In such competition if God wins, you are blessed. Hanuman is not related to Rama in anyway. He does not belong to the family or caste or even the race (humanity) of Rama. But Hanuman was the top most blessed soul of God. Hanuman left His beloved mother to see Rama. Rama did not give such highest fruit to any relative.

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how do you know all this? on

how do you know all this? on what do you base these conclusions?

What does it have to do specifically with the forum of enlightenment?

nelo | Wed, 12/17/2008 - 15:28
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For the people on this earth, the present human incarnation is a

For the people on this earth, the present human incarnation is always the concerned authority.

For the people on this earth, the present human incarnation is always the concerned authority. There is no difference between the energetic form of God and the alive human incarnation as far as the inner God is concerned. Both are equally powerful, but you should note the relevance of your concerned authority. You may have a problem of electricity in your house. Regarding it, you can go up to the Chief Minister of your State. The Chief Minister of other state will not solve your problem since he is not concerned to your state. When Lord Shiva fought with Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva was defeated. What is the meaning of this? It only means that the concerned authority of the earth in that time was only Lord Krishna. Except this point, there is nothing because the same God exists in both Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.

It is important to note the authority of the presently existing alive Chief Minister of your state. If you approach the statue or the photo of the past Chief Minister, who is not alive, there is no practical use. The present Chief Minister is homogeneous with all the past Chief Ministers and is in no way is different from them. If you neglect the alive Chief Minister and cry before the photos of the past Chief Ministers, what is the use?

You can respect the photos and statues of those Chief Ministers and draw the inspiration for which the existing Chief Minister also is a supporter. He also respects the photos of the past Chief Ministers and also the Chief Ministers of other states. Similarly, you can have all the theoretical devotion like discussions; songs etc., as far as the statues or photos are concerned. But the practical devotion like serving through sacrifice of work and fruit of work should be done only to the present human incarnation and His team.

Your preacher is more important for your practical devotion than the photo or statue of the past incarnation. It is better to serve the alive peon of the department than serving the photo of a past Chief Minister. The life is the basic essential requirement for the practical devotion. It is better to serve even a beggar in the name of God than serving the photo of the past incarnations and the energetic forms of God, which are meant for the development of the theoretical devotion only.

The undeserving people are receiving your practical service hiding behind the photos and statues. They are like the present politicians who are exploiting the public to receive the revenue paid by the public by hiding behind the photos of the previous great leaders. You must see the deserving candidate asking for your vote who enjoys the tax paid by you. You should not vote the undeserving candidate by seeing the photos of the past great leaders. Your revenue should go to the alive candidate who is deserving. Same concept applies in the spiritual service also.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

dattaswami2 | Wed, 12/17/2008 - 16:40
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long no answer

such a long cut & paste irrelevant answer that does not answer or even addresses the question...

what is it? what for? is it only me?????

nelo | Wed, 12/17/2008 - 19:06
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No, Nelo, it's not only you. Hehe.

Phroggy | Wed, 12/17/2008 - 22:53