Oaths and vows broken

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Before I went for a long needed break I was contemplating advice given about broken oaths and vows by someone who knows the effects and connection with life and the Spirit and Enlightenment. Though they can seem trivial in the world they are vital to keep and renew to connect to the world and advancement. The bible says very little on this perhaps other scripture has discovered the truth. Effects can be very negative otherwise of broken vows etc. Please guide me where to read and discuss this section or give me more understanding and light.

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Shaman ways to eliminate oaths and vows

You will have to clarify what exactly you are interested in regarding the breaking of oaths. It's a vast subject and it's very hard to understand from what you wrote what you actually meant.

In general, there are several shaman techniques which are simple and straightforward to quickly eliminate oaths and vows including those which were taken in previous lives. I'm familiar with the technique suggested by the Light Language" and I can say that it is very effective. The following is a good article about this: http://www.marlana.org/oaths-vows.htm

In most traditions that I'm familiar with, oaths and vows are strongly advised against.

kaput | Wed, 01/25/2012 - 13:43
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Reply to Kaput

Vows I specify here because they are made with a personal endeavour to God. Oaths are a public declarence. Vows do aid reaching enlightenment or simply advancing on the path. Many yogis, gurus etc. keep vows. Though in the Christian tradition they were done away with in the NT including principles. The God of the OT was very strict and requires vows to be kept and God was the God of Christ too. But to break them I believe would be very wrong and even punishable by God perhaps even an encounter with the darker powers at some point in life if the broken vow is taken trivially. Vows are after all made for your good and the good of all others. I do not know anything about Shamanisn sorry. I would like to hear from someone who knows the effects of broken vows and an imperfect Spiritual life.

Isha | Thu, 01/26/2012 - 19:17
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Vows have nothing to do with God. God is not a merchant

Vows have nothing to do with God. God is not a merchant that needs your vows payment. Vows are an instrument of organized religions that indeed try to transform God into their merchant.

Be very careful with vows. They may limit and stuck your soul not only in this life but in next reincarnations and the problem is that in these next lives you will have no clue about them being in effect and you will be stuck in limitations and problems that they will inflict on you.

Instead of using vows, deal with your gilt which is in most cases the hidden reason for people to take vows.

robert | Wed, 02/08/2012 - 10:48
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I agree

Yes I agree. Credibilty and effectivness may purly be scientific than spiritual. Guilt? I don't have any guilt I am writing to be informed. But guilt may not be the only reason to take vows. When effective they are very powerful and can be the give and take of spiritual power from a God who determines the deservedness of the person. It is either yes or no. They are stronger than anything just felt like spiritual elation and can be the cause of the highest attainment.

Isha | Sat, 02/11/2012 - 11:45