Numerology of india

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It's a process of knowing the future, behavior, character, of a person according the numbers. It is pure Indian process of knowing the future.

According to numerology on which date a person takes birth everything about that person's behavior and future build accordingly. To know person's behavior and future first of all we need to know the major number of that person.

In numerology 1 to 9 numbers are used, in which every number represent a planet from the universe, and that planet leave its full effect on its number. planets affects people in favor in the good time and badly in the bad time. Later on we will tell you that how to get the major number from your birth and how to see your future. This numerology is the simplest way of knowing the future, and famous in almost all the world.

The important thing is that accuracy is 100 % in this method. Numerology is a mirror to not to see only the future, but it also tells about the positive and negative things in the life. Numerology tells clearly about the important time and years in the life.

Process to know the Major Number

To know about the future first of all we need to know the major number of the person. Its necessary to know the complete date of birth to know the number, like for example (14-4-1970) , Then to know that how to add this date of birth to get a number .

In India the name of a person depend on the date of birth .If the major number of the name and of the date of birth is same that means that person is very lucky.

Come lets know that how to calculate the number - (1+4+4+1+9+7)=26 26-(2+6)=8

the major number of this person is 8 .The number lies between 1 to 9.for example

10-(1+0)=1 11-(1+1)=2 12-(1+2)=3

13-(1+3)=4 14-(1+4)=5 15-(1+5)=6 16-(1+6)=7

17-(1+7)=818-(1+8)=9 19-(1+9)=10-(1+0)=1

20-(2+0)=2 21-(2+1)=3 22-(2+2)=4

23-(2+3)=5 30-(3+0)=3 31-(3+1)=4

First of all get your major number by above said process. Then know the effects of that number, that's your character. Process to know the major number with the help of the name .Our major numbers are 9 only,

So we divide all 26 alphabets in these 9 numbers, Even you can divide other language's words also .

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


J K L M N 0 P Q R


Add your numbers like this chart and know your major number. Example Name: -BHUPENDER



Major number of BHUPENDER is 3.

If you don't have your date of birth, even then you can know your future and good and bad time, positive and negative things by just your name only.