Non-spiritual economic predictions for 2012

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I heard that there are recently also similar secular analysis made by economists that happen to target around the year 2012.

They say that the world economy would collapse, that it will start with the prices of and shortage in oil followed by the collapse of banks and other financial establishments.

They anonymously argue that transportation will be so expensive so that consequently, production of goods will return to take place near consumers and that we will hardly be able to afford traveling abroad.

They say that you you don't have much to do in order to prepare. Any way you look at it, you will lose your fortune as the economic system will collapse and as you cannot accumulate such vast quantities of food in advance.

I hope that they are wrong. I think the only wise things to do now are to travel as much as possible to remote places and work on inner transformation of acceptance so that if these predictions occur, I will be mentally capable to accept whatever conditions I and my dears will be forced into.

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the economic happenings in recent weeks

It looks in recent weeks that the predictions are coming true. all the economic downfalls and their stages are happening exactly according to both the secular and spiritual main predictions and all indeed started in 2008.

Frightening. I am following this subject in particular in the recent 2 years, made some readings, at the beginning it was more of an amusement for me, i was pretty skeptical and then the economic crisis began and the strange configuration of the elections in the USA and the oil and currency dynamics.

Let's keep following the matter.

And by the way, indeed as mentioned in the OP there is no much practical stuff to do. Only let go of our attachements and travel as much as we can and enjoy the money we have as long as we have it...

nathan | Mon, 11/03/2008 - 13:47
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frightening how all this

frightening how all this comes true in the precise sequence and timing. And there is a lot more to come - according to the predictions our money deposited in the banks will be lost.

The secular and the spiritual predictions are not different.

doo | Sun, 11/16/2008 - 17:54
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lets watch 2008-09 sarvadari year!

around 1994 my family goddess "periandavar"
contacted me as i was engaged in deep meditation...
and gave me a name "periandavar venkataraman perioasamy sriram" as man responsible for better world changes,but
the film "dasavatharam" came with kamal as universal hero
with relation to 2004 ptsunami but

the world and universal responsibilities does not end with this......

sarvadari year states it s time universal god takes on all responsibilities as per tamil calendar.....

i know by my hand i am the true owner of universe but when and how the claims and sucessive events will take place only time has to say...

but everything is set....
for a grand finale of events to heaven...

with love

dhorai | Sun, 11/23/2008 - 22:47