No Soul Verses Self Doctrine

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I have known the two doctrines one Buddhist which stresses that there is no permanent Soul or Self and the other Advaitic which says that there is a permanent Self.

How do we reconcile the two. Many persons in the Forum here are more inclined towards Advaita. But I feel that they are not so different. In fact Shankara was accused of being a pseudo Buddhist. While it is well known that Mahayana Buddhism is much closer to Advaita but this fundamental doctrine of Buddha that there is no soul cannot be disputed.



This is the two kinds of food one is called Buddhism(vipassana), other is Advaita(non-dualism). Taste of the food is for tongue only but actual utility of food is to stomach. Stomach needs food. Our Manipur chakra which corresponds to the spot navel needs this food of spirituality wherein manifests the religion (righteousness).
Please at first stage taste the both---- Buddhism and Advaita. After tasting choose the one which seems suitable to stomach means choose one technique out of the two which suits your nature.
Lord Krishna said it is tranquility, balance and equilibrium.

NIDHI PARKASH | Wed, 02/10/2010 - 18:32