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We like to utilize the given assistance to form a force to exercise truth and faith of humanity for this millennium.

We command for a healthy community humane living.

Council of Ekalavya Multiversity. Academic council for global governance.

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Heads of all the countries

Support all the good personalities

Dr.A.P.J. Kalam…

Oneness is sure.

I Councils




II Govt. bodies




III Faith runners

Faith runners around the globe..,


*bahai faith,

*Ravi shankarji,

*Shiva Kumar swamiji…,

*Bramha kumari eshwari vidyalaya,

*Ramkrishna mission…,

1. ICPR: Indian Council of Philosophical Research

2. CTNS: Center for theology and Natural Sciences

3. CPWR: Council for Parliament of Worlds Religions

4. ICSSR: Indian Council for social science Research.

5. INSA: Indian national science academy.

6. ICSSR: Indian council for social science research

7. SAARC: South Asian association for regional cooperation

8. UN: United Nations

9: UNESCO: United nations educational, scientific and cultural organization

10: like wise autonomous authorities who are working for humane society…,

3. Measure of growth:

First: The entire earth and the entire humanity form an integrated organism, a holistic system, which reacts as a whole to the healing impulses that are injected.

Second: The key information of a new, non-violent code of life is directed to the inner sphere of community, truth, trust, love, faith and religion. The bifurcations, from where the course of human evolution on earth takes new directions - as soon as the material prerequisites are fulfilled -, are lying in the inner realm of the human being.

Third: Peace work is healing work. Central to it is the building up of trust. If someone asks, what does peace mean, then the answer is: peace is trust. Trust between human beings; trust between parents and children, young people and adults; trust between nations; trust between human being and animal; human being and nature; human being and world. The deepest meaning lays in finding the code of trust. Healing Biotopes are places, where conditions that are able to support the emergence and the growth of perpetual trust are consciously created.

Forth: Neither moral appeals, individual conversions, nor individual spiritual exercise will produce the necessary change, instead new communitarian and societal structures have to be developed to promote a continuous growth of truth, trust and solidarity.

Fifth: Communities of the future which will build up the new structures of the inner sphere of human beings will produce a global field effect. A new code of life will - as a result of the functioning of holistic systems - change planetary life.

The first one concerns the planetary bio-system as an integrated organism. This is confirmed biological systems theories, starting with Lovelock's Gaia-Hypothesis up to the "biological internet" which claims: all beings are connected through the frequencies of their cellular nuclei (DNA). The genetic code of all beings has the same mathematical base structure, i.e. all beings follow the same basic information of life. They all live within an integrated body of information or - as Teilhard de Chardin said: in an integrated "noosphere".

The second sentence is the result of the inner logic of peace work: peace in the outer world corresponds to the degree that peace has been established in the inner world. We need a new code of life that replaces fear by trust, differentiation by integration, ideology by insight. In the centre of this new code rests a new relationship between the sexes, one which is capable of creating lasting experiences of love like true love in order to overcome perpetual sexual misery.

The third sentence speaks for itself. Where there is trust, fear is overcome. Where fear has disappeared, violence is overcome. Trust is a true tonic for healing.

The forth sentence is determined by history. There have always been individuals like Jesus, Ghandi, Etti Hillesum, Lusseyran or Martin Luther King…, who have reached a high level of purity and divine power, although it is doubtful whether this has made the world a better place. Individual purification is necessary, however, it must find its anchor in a new collective structure, or otherwise it will not have a permanent effect vis-à-vis the overpowering force of violence. Ghandi said: "We must be the change we wish to see in the world". Yes! We need new social entities whose structures are suitable of generating a maximum of human beings who can walk Ghandi's talk. A blood less war with non-violence as propounded by mahaveera and practiacally implemented by Mahathma Gandhi for Indian and African independence in the new world after the world war. India has never invaded any nation in its last 10,000 years history.

The fifth sentence arises out of the first. If new information, a new vibration or a new direction of force is entered into an integrated organism, then these become effective in all its parts. If the input is made at a few points, or at only one acupuncture point, then this will have an effect in terms of a resulting field of force within the entire organism. An analogy between the human body and the body of the earth and the body of humankind appears to be permissible.*

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sounds promising! how can i

sounds promising! how can i join?

sisi | Wed, 11/12/2008 - 21:24