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Inspired by Michel Gauquelin's "Spheres of Destiny", in which he "proved" statistically that the positions of the planets at birth have relevance to the destiny of the individual, I decided to do some research of my own.

Using statistics, one can "prove" a hypothesis. I put the word in quotes because statistics Does realise always that there is a measure of uncertainty in its conclusions. Any statistical conclusion should always state what the computed chance of error is.

I have "proved" two correlations in astrology: one proves the relevance of exact outer-planet aspects (with chance of error 1 in 2250), another proves relevance of aspects between Saturn/Pluto and Moon/Mercury/Sun (with chance of error = 1 in 14200).

The Cape Town based magazine "Odyssey" published my 5 articles on my research in 1983/4. I have put the first 3 of these on the web at .

These 3 articles do not consider the signs, only the planets, so they apply equally to tropical and sidereal astrologies.

All my 5 articles are focused on the analysis of the horoscopes of geniuses.