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My own take based on observation. "What happens to Awareness after death?", is asked by somebody who has an object-based identity he thinks is going to die. Even when he hears that he is awareness and not body or mind, he objectifies (interprets) awareness. Awareness, being eternal and non-objective, knows nothing about concepts. Concepts like birth and death, male and female, any and all other concepts, are as meaningless as they are to an innocent child who only recognizes that it is and doesn't have the concepts to verbalize it.

A few minutes ago as I was walking around the room, it hit me again with the obviousness of it by way of a question: "How can any object even appear without being aware of it? How can this computer screen appear if it doesn't appear in awareness, in my conscious presence?" It can't be done. Everything recognizable including thoughts and ideas appear and disappear in this never appearing or disappearing background of non-objective, spaceless, timeless awareness. Everything points to the background. Now that objective identity agrees on the conceptual definition of awareness, it can let go of the definition and relax into the reality of being. Nothing could be simpler or more obvious.