The most mis-understood word is "Yoga"

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The most mis-understood word is "Yoga". Some people pronounce it as yog"Aah". It is actually prononuced as "Yog", "a" is silent. This term is used wherever a person wants without understanding the meaning. Out of Six Darshan Shastras, Yoga Shastra is the fourth one. The Rishi of this shastra is H.H. Patanjali. It consists of four chapters. In the first chapter, second shlok he defines "Yoga" , which roughly translated states as Cessation of thought is what is called as yoga. He then explains in detail why thought arises, how to over come it, what are the hinderance, how to over come it, what are the power you may obtain, how these powers are worthless etc. without understandimg it in many places we come accross that "Yoga for Better living","Yoga for Better Sex life","Yoga for longivity","Yoga for stress free life", "Yoga for success in business" etc... Many a time what is thought is out of eight limbs (Ashtanga Yoga), only Asanas or Pranayams and to some extent Pratihar, Dharana, Dhyana (Meditation) is thought. Learning of this aspect is not "Yoga'. These are nothing but the ways to achieve 'Yoga" as stated by H.H. Patanjali. Merely Pouring of water in a vessel or Boiling of water or adding of Tea leaves or putting sugar in it is not called as Tea the final product meant for drinking. The final result is called as Tea. For others we specifically use the term meant for it as Pouring of water in a vessel or Boiling of water or adding of Tea leaves or putting sugar or filtering etc. Similarly the term "Yoga" should be used only for final achievement and specific term like Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayams, Pratihar, Dharana, Dhyana (Meditation), should be used and not Yoga for these acts.

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Men spcialize in messing up concepts

In addition, similarly misunderstood words: God, spirituality, non-duality.

Wherever men can bend the meanings of spiritual concepts in order to give themselves spiritual discounts and excuses, they will do it. We must be extra careful to spot where and when we are doing so.

lilian | Tue, 09/15/2009 - 07:32