Mistake and recovery

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Will it be like abhimanyu case like some one fall into trap of a black magician and who says time and again, followers should be like dogs.
I followed sri ramchandra mission srcm.org,
following are which I found in guru for obidience
Abetting of suicides
Marrying other followers aganist wishes of parents,
he declares himself greater than parents and says parents are most selfish.
No to go to temples. he feels that going to temples is a karma, which cannot be cleaned from soul so easily.
Not going to funeral of ones parent
Not performing rituals like 13th days and 1st anniversary etc
If we dont follow then Chariji feels that he is cheated and openly says such followers will never be tolerated and simply starts his own black magic.
This old black magician fox enjoys by celebrating birthdays grandly by torturing followers in the name of discipline and enjoys his life.

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I will be submitting to the guru chariji aswell.

I encourage guru shri reknowned blackmagician chariji to particpate in the discussion and explain to people over here how to pacify him? what makes him angry so easily and how to pacify that?

RAJAvsraj | Sun, 07/18/2010 - 20:15