Metaphysical predictions for 2012 - facts

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2012 is claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or apocalypse). This claim is based on Christian texts, Mayan civilization's inputs, and on some many other sources. However, there is no agreement whether 2012 will be the end of civilization, or rather humanity will be elevated then to a higher level, or a new human species will evolve, or some other major catastrophe will occur.

Many esoteric sources interpret the completion of the thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar (which occurs on December 21 by the most widely held correlation) to mean there will be a major change in world order.

Accordingly, several eclectic authors claim that a major, world-changing event will take place in 2012:

* The 1997 book The Bible Code claims that, according to certain algorithms of the Bible code, an asteroid or comet will collide with the Earth.

* The 2006 book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck discusses theories of a possible global awakening to psychic connection by the year 2012, creating a noosphere.

* Patrik Geryl predicts a pole reversal. This has happened many times in the past. Geryl is predicting that the North Pole and South Pole will reverse and cause the Earth to start rotating in the opposite direction. He does not explain from where the required energy will come. The Earth functions as a gigantic gyroscope. The energy required to rotate the poles would be immense.

* Riley Martin claims that Biaviian aliens will allow passage aboard their 'Great Mother Ship' when the Earth is 'transformed' in 2012.

Other prophecies and apocalyptic writings and hypotheses for this year include:

* Terence McKenna's numerological novelty theory suggests a point of singularity in which humankind will go through a great shift in consciousness.

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true 2012 is year of light or vel.

i do not know well about systems of bible research u speak
but i know that my hand has vel trishul and linga and exactly
in year 2012 the power of vel shines with universal energy....

so does the world prepared for the vel power and the universal energy associated with it one wonders....

but already the energy changes are high and captain vyom is badly needed.

with love

dhorai | Sun, 11/23/2008 - 22:36
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Vel power and universal energy

strange...have been feeling in a very similar manner

.. Life is meant to be lived in Eternal joy, Infinite freedom, Unconditional love and Unbounded awareness ..

NeoNeo | Tue, 03/24/2009 - 22:19
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Be Silent & Surrender to God

Be Silent & Surrender to God...

Remember! You cannot change anything Just only by talking about that...Be SILENT...SAVE & DIVERT YOUR ENERGY...RECHARGE EACH OF YOUR CELLS. Only with that you can change yourself and your surrounding!

Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum !

babaji | Thu, 05/07/2009 - 04:18
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i agree

dear friend!

your opinion is absolutely right. it is not advisable to think about what will take place in 2012, doing our karmas as per our guru's sayings and following dharmika life style and meditating is the ways for enlightenment.

this is unnecessary to think about what will take place, it may divert our mind set and may create some confusion which leads to discontent. so its good to go on meditating and doing good karmas


knagaraju999 | Fri, 04/22/2011 - 12:52
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silly nonsense

all this silly nonsense distracts you from the Here and Now. Stop speculating and dwelling in some imaginary future or some long-gone past, stop reading so many books and stuff like that...all there is is the moment, the power of Now, that is the only path to awakening. The rest is just dream, Maya, illusion.... and silly nonsense.

mayasurfer | Mon, 11/24/2008 - 08:51
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On what do you base your

On what do you base your opinion that it is silly nonsense?

Based on the recent happenings and their timing, it doesn't look silly at all to me.

george | Mon, 11/24/2008 - 14:39
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both mayasurfer and george are correct!

both are two sides of the same coin
time is illusion considered from sahasrara happiness
but the world and sun and moon and stars are created in kalachakra tantra are perfect time concept

so whoever adheres to time the time adhers to him...
so no point in fighting and showing superiority complex
but dweel on self improval and

can mayasurfer be able to send all happy sports to all persons to enjoy every moment in total happiness if so what can he do except lamentaing on idiotic now" which is
in hands of the mighty god....

as jesus said "prepare thee for the return of the messiah
for u know not when the time is"

or "every day pain is enough concentrate on daily activities let the future take care of itself..."

for the universal energy when it returns in all splendour
u must have enough stregth even to stand near it...

jesus said "their shall be weeping and gnashing of teeths"

whoever is not prepared to it...
with love

dhorai | Mon, 11/24/2008 - 15:18
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how much u know

all skeptics before saying nonsense, should first be able to know whats sense. its good to remain in present. but then even animals do the same. for humans a lot of thing is to be known. In a way, we only know what lies in your closed fist, rest outside is still to be explored. So you cant be really sure, that everything that one doesnt know is nonsense. But to know the sense is a task mammoth.

brahmnad | Wed, 12/10/2008 - 06:47
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''but the world and sun and moon and stars are created in kalachakra tantra are perfect time concept

so whoever adheres to time the time adhers to him...''

i get it, mayasurfer lol. how to unstick. sweet air.

thanks you.

Mr jack | Wed, 03/06/2013 - 12:43
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To Brother Jack,

Kalachakra Tantra, as defined, is what I said in my post below concerning the cycle to earth's existence, there's a time of sun and a time without or when our sun is a dark star. The sun and moon are out for half of earth's cycle and ignited for the other. It is impossible to transcend time until comprehending it, therefore we must comprehend it to relinquish it.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
Presenting SEEDS OF LIFE @

Elijah_NatureBoy | Wed, 03/06/2013 - 14:24
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what happenings?


please george what are the happenings you speak of?

papachristos | Wed, 04/11/2012 - 07:58
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While it's clear major shifts in human political-spiritual history are on the horizon, the tone need not be apocalytpic. And why does everyone want to see a big fire-crackin' apocalypse anyway?

It's a very, very old fantasy of individuals, that the division between heaven and earth will be rent, and all the spiritual company will come into full view and justify us.

Ecomancer81 | Sat, 01/31/2009 - 18:47
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things get warm

Don't you see the irony? The desire to awaken is all but being in the now - it is being in the future big time.

What yoy present is not spiritual at all. It is a secular utilitarian approach devoid of any spirit. Being in the now is not a means but the aim, being in the now does not mean to ignore metaphysical aspects (which is what the secular science does).

There are more and more findings gathered regarding 2012 including predictions about the process leading to 2012 that happen as predicted up to now. One should be very narrow minded, fearful or skeptical to ignore these.

happy | Sun, 05/03/2009 - 22:24


if all is maya then now is also maya.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 15:16
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"if all is maya then now is also maya."

It's true, but really, maya is not the problem, but rather the belief in the illusion maya is creating. When an illusion is seen for what it is, it ceases to be a problem to be solved since all problems are the result of a misinterpretation. These dellusional thoughts are constructed in the mind and are not present in our moment to moment experience.

Phroggy | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 05:43
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maya means

Maya means not that the world is illusion. The world is real but we should live like we see the dream world. Even though the dream world is unreal we feel it as real until we are awake. When we wake up, we come to know it is not real. Like that, we are supposed to witness this outer world.

mrkotians | Thu, 07/01/2010 - 07:14
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Other interesting resources

Yes, that is what secular people say about you.

Denying it upfront and sweepingly stems from ignorance.

21/12/2012 11:11 GMT as the date of the painful new beginning appears in too many different and independant sources to ignore it.

It was found out later by astronomers that at this very time the solar system will cross the milky way and will overlap it sharply.

Terence McKenna's statistical prediction software ( arrived at the date 21/12/2012 as the end of our era without having known that this date was ever mentioned by the Maya predictions.

Not only the calendar of Maya but also the calendars of the Inka and the Aztec point at that very same date as the end of the world.

Dr. George Hart, a physicist and a supercomputers expert who was one of the central figures of the Starwar Project of President Reagan together with Paul Guercio built Project Merlin - a comprehensive set of prediction algorithms based on knowledge of middle ages astronomers and on meticulous mathematical calculations of planets' orbits as well as historical periodicity. Their predictions are calculated for individuals as well as any other type of entities and is said to have a precision of about 70% - 80%. The Merlin software shows an unusual high activity in 2012 for the great part of the people processed by the software.

solo | Sun, 07/26/2009 - 16:52
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I cant comment on this statement here.
But 2012 and 2013 will see major shifts in world order.
The huge materialistic impact in form of US is supposed to fall. Infact the Mayan calender might be reflecting on the fall of the civilization that lies over the remnant of Mayan relics. The world is going visavis catapult that will change the world has been running so far.
Incidently, this will be the start of a civilization which will be predominant mental and spiritual in inclination and approach.

brahmnad | Wed, 12/10/2008 - 06:58
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according to plan

what i see with the collapse of the economy, middle east, our current cultural developments is up to now exactly according to the specifics of the predictions....

Did you know by the way that the maya calendar ends in 2012?

lilian | Thu, 01/08/2009 - 21:37
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neoneo and lilian are in heaven now!

for they are very near exact truth
which may be hard for others to see...

lilian with more exposure can save many...

i am created by divine light
i am sustained by divine light
i am protected by divine
i am surrounded by divine light
i have become a channel of pure light
and i have become one with the light...

do it with imagination
usually with hands expanding above ur head or the body in protection

lilian may foresee events with this divine light invocation being practised....

whoever is harsh to u
put them also in divine light invocation
use the term he or she instead of i...

since i have done variety of meditations and stand with many responsibilities i need light men to focus again myself
on divine light which is truly me....

with love and blessings,

hope gurusfeet add divnelight invocation meditation blog of swami sivananda radha
to whom it was disclosed from teacher swami sivananda
in kailash mountain in india..
with love

if u r strong enough u can use divne light on any country even
but do not go beyond capacity and suffer like job
who suffered for hisa prayers to others...

dhorai | Wed, 04/22/2009 - 14:08
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Be Silent & Surrender to God...

Be Silent & Surrender to God...

Remember! You cannot change anything Just only by talking about that...Be SILENT...SAVE & DIVERT YOUR ENERGY...RECHARGE EACH OF YOUR CELLS. Only with that you can change yourself and your surrounding!

Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum !

babaji | Thu, 05/07/2009 - 04:20
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thanks for the advice!

ekameva dutiyam
the one has became two then many

when ur with me
whom should i fear
the baba film says i and u are one
it does mean i was above u
now i am below u
or we are one..
help me resurrect the kriya techniques
how can my agnya chakra of enormmous dead souls can be cleansed..
i do need help but i cannot come out os service i seemed to be addicted to serving masses from illusion...

with love
and truth
baabaa (dharma moksha purushartam)
which all rishis adher too...

with love

dhorai | Sun, 05/24/2009 - 07:10
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concentrate on daily activities let 2012 take care of itself...

if ur in iskcon recite the maha mantra
recite this sloka for 108 times 16 rounds and abound in bliss ....

Bharat matha ki jai.

Arjunan | Tue, 06/09/2009 - 10:36
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The Great Revolution coming.

rupkumar Chatterjee

Gurudev, make me advanced to understand & feel you & your Great Philosophy.

jaiguru | Sat, 03/27/2010 - 08:45
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Paramguru Mahavatar Babaji... Namo Namah...

mrkotians | Thu, 07/01/2010 - 07:16
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Things are happening

Things are happening. Only blind and/or frightened secular people do not see it.

2012 can be true and can be false. But those who dismiss it upfront without any relevant and concrete supporting arguments are simply secular people. Some of them impose as spiritual ones but they are fake ones if they cannot find the mental resources to understand that their arbitrary dismissal of the 2012 predictions is a clear sign for their skepticism.

zoya | Fri, 06/26/2009 - 00:35
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2012... A year going to be a major shift of human consciousness.. nothing more than that...

mrkotians | Sun, 05/22/2011 - 06:11
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Breathe in, Breathe out

Please understand this. The Mayan Calender DOES NOT END. It resets. Our calender "resets" in a way every year. After 365 days, we're back to January 1st. Their calender RESETS to year 1 during 2012. Their calender is a complex array of wheels. Wheels, circles, never end.

Michael | Sat, 12/19/2009 - 21:51
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This is incorrect

This is incorrect. See the scriptures.

nelo | Sat, 12/19/2009 - 22:10
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Check your "scriptures"

The key to the Maya's "galactic timer" was a 260 - day count called the tzolkin or "Sacred Calendar," which was inter-meshed with another 365-day calender called the "Vague Year." The Maya viewed these two cycles of time progressing like the cogs of two wheels, turning until the rare moment when one day on the the Sacred Calendar matched the same day on the Vague Year. That rare and powerful day marked the end of a 52-year cycle and was part of an even greater expanse of time called the "Great Cycle." According to this explanation and the tradition of the Mayan priests themselves, records indicate that the last Great Cycle began in August of 3,114 BCE - the approximate time of the first Egyptian hieroglyphics - and ends in the near future, in the year 2012 CE. Specifically, the cycle ends on December 21,2012. Then the calender resets and a new "Great Cycle" begins.

Michael | Sun, 12/20/2009 - 20:24
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True,mankind has reached such a point that either it would have to take a quantum leap towards spiritual evolution or it has to perish from the face of mother Earth........and 2012 has been so much talked about by various & diverse faiths & cultures that one can only hope that this day does not would be more devastating than the event itself as it seems to be the last hope for humanity to transcend & transform.......SO WELCOME 2012....THE YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION FROM PETTY HUMANS TO HUMAN GODS.....AMEN.

shivoham_108 | Thu, 06/24/2010 - 04:44
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Predictions are continuing to happen

2011 began with the predicted and yet unexpected extreme transition in Egypt and its surrounding area (Libia, Yemen, Tunisia).

And today the most powerful earthquake ever measured in 140 years (8.9-magnitude quake) - in Japan and the aftermath Tsunami.

hugo | Fri, 03/11/2011 - 13:09
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something is surly happen @

something is surly happen @ that year. but i m not sure that what will be happen. it will be positive or will be negative. but something strange will happen.

its also possible that it becomes like Y2K. ha ha ha

Pradeep Singh Shaktawat

pradeep | Fri, 04/22/2011 - 09:35
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As above, so below.

I thing it is interesting that there are almost as many interpretations about 2012 as there are commentors.

urantian | Thu, 06/30/2011 - 02:08
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Mystical Interpretation!

According to my revelation, The Mother Ship has already landed over the White House in Washington, DC. From that I have realized the Occupy Wall Street movement has emerged out of it. We are on the verge of the beginning of the end of this civilization. Using Biblical metaphors and the natural environment around us, life on earth following a pattern similar to days and years, exactly when I don't know but it's soon. The following is the short version of what I see.

Using the creation stories as the short transitions of each day, there are 7000 years between the civilizations I estimate being 84,000 each, divided into four 21,000 year epochs like the year's seasons. Genesis' 2 creation stories doesn't represent the forming of existence but the beginning of this material civilization after the termination of the spiritual one Revelation 21 reveals. In 21:4 there's no death [nor birth], sorrow, crying nor pain and in 21:23 no sun illuminating the moon because they are relative to the flesh which during that civilization man will not recognize like we don't recognize our lifeforces during this one.

The first 8 verses of Genesis represents, realized by the term heaven in verse 8, the all-at-once rapture from Revelation's civilization, the next verse shows the disappearance of the crust covering earth and appearance of the earth separated by the seas. Notice the sun's reigniting in verse 14 and fourth day, so it was put out during the fourth millennium after this civilization end. It was during the sixth millennium after the end of Revelation's civilization that man began to mate and eat plants only and another thousand years before the rise of this civilization began at Genesis 2:4 and completed with the flood, 6:1-4, when man the world followed Adam's way of life.

The second creation story is this civilization's rising. Notice how almost everything happens in reverse to the first one; the man is formed from the dust of earth, then plants are provided, the birds and animals are formed, man's divided into two genders and then told "leave parents and become 1 flesh". At the flood man divides into the 4 primary ethnics like the seasons of the year, Adam/Noah are Asians like spring, Japheth/Cain are Native of the Americas like summer, Ham/Esau are African like fall & Shem/Jacob are winter which destroys everything except the evergreen plants [man with everlasting life]. The last division is man into the 12 tribes of Ishmael and 12 of Jacob making a total of 30 primary natures man are divided into during this civilization which, at it's termination, those having everlasting life will integrate within themselves to be a survivor to replenish the earth for the spiritual civilization.

Revelation 20:4&5 tells us about the reincarnation of the discarnated in chirst awaiting rebirth in Revelation 6:9-11 first, then the rest of man are for 6000 more years to complete the 7000 transition period between civilizations. It happens as suggested in Matthew 20:1-16, everyone with their reintegrated 30 natures gives birth but as the last people who integrated themselves give birth they are raptured one at a time by Jesus (John 14:3) leaving the first person to make the integration the Alpha and Omega.

That is the vision I have, the December 2012 is this civilization's touching the western horizon for setting and readying the earth for the transition to the next civilization. For the more details change "nature.htm" to "vision.htm" in my site link below.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"-- Presenting SEEDS OF LIFE @

Elijah_NatureBoy | Fri, 12/23/2011 - 17:00
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The removal of the evil one heralds a new era 2012


ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

Lord's prayer finishes with Deliver us from the evil one

Vedic scripture text 59 Krishna speaking with the Spirit of the Ganga
For 10,000 years of Kali such devotees of Mine will be present on earth. After the departure of My devotees there will be only one varna [outcaste]."

This outcaste is the evil one that Christ speaks of throughout the Bible. The defeat of this evil and its removal from the highest realms in the consciousness will see the dawn of a Golden Age for humanity. The world has been covered in darkness for so long through no direct fault of humanity and this is why Christ says forgive them Father for they know not what they do. He understands that the minds of humanity have been polluted by this evil in the highest realms. This has gone on for a very long time. He also says rejoice for the Kingdom of Heaven is near and this is the defeat and banishment of this evil one and the awakening of a new consciousness or should I say original pure perfect unpolluted consciousness. Order has been restored and in time this will be undeniably clear. We already see the fall of so many tyrants so there are signs.

peace and love to everyone
i will miss you all dearly

papachristos | Wed, 04/11/2012 - 07:55
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It doesn't seem to happen

It is now May 2012 and all these predictions do not seem to fulfill. I admit that 2011 and the beginning of 2012 were full of events that looked as leading to what was predicted but at some point everything calmed down.

happy | Mon, 05/07/2012 - 07:51
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Its not 2012 but December 2012.......

It’s not 2012 but December 2012 that the prophesied apocalypse is foretold to happen. The exact date 21st December 2012 is date foretold by seer Nostradamus that a pole shift will happen. The shifting of the poles will cause a huge effect on human civilization. The shift will bring various calamities such as floods and tectonic events. It will happen all over the world but to a large probability that the shift will mostly devastate lines of tectonic plates. Earthquake prone areas like Japan and Sumatera will get quick results.

Please go to and refer to the lines.

Nostradamus predicted that the peninsula of Europe will be turned into islands. All continents will be separated and India will be separated from Asia. He also predicted that most of Asia will be under water. There will be a huge cut through Africa. The most disturbing prophecy is the prediction of rise of Antichrist and his 27 year war hunger. The 3rd world war will be the major cause for much destruction for the human civilization but it will not last long and he said that life will continue and finally a beautiful era will manifest from dust with the survivors.

According to an Indian (Tamil Nadu) Sitthar India will split into two islands and a large amount of people will die. Here’s the link I don’t about him witness 750000 apocalypses but that’s ridiculous. However what he predicted parallels with Nostradamus much I say. Here’s the prediction:


The Indian sub continent will be split into two islands. Tornadoes from Andhra to South India will sweep through the land with speeds ranging from 300 to 700 km/hr. The rivers Ganges and Kaveri will merge into one causing many villages to become submerged and the subsequent loss of life for millions. Mookambiga Hill is neighbored by a sea. Tsunamis will split this hill into two causing the sea to run through this hill, destroying many cities and villages; Salem and Dharmapuri will be among them.
Chrompet will be the seaside of Chennai. Chennai will be connected by a path to Poonamalli. There is a reason why Jalagandeeswarar temple is in Vellore.
Each Siddha (originally 18, but now 210) is assigned an individual task. When Vadalur is flooded by the sea, Ramalinga Swamigal and Korakka Siddha will once again start a very large Dhrmasala (sanctuary) in Perambalur, South India. This city is awaiting the divine incarnation of Goddess Naliniamman to be marked as a new era. Only the virtuous and those who follow the path of Siddha will survive this great disaster; these people will lead a divine life. Dollars will be replaced by gold coins found in the hills of Pachaimalai and Adhi Thirupathi.
Perambalur will become a mystical city and people from all over the world will gather here to see the mysticism performed by Brammarishi Kagapujandar.Men took land away from cultivation to put up buildings.These same men will no longer desire to own land or buildings. They will be exhausted by the sight of buildings they have built collapsing to the effects of heavy rain and flood. The dollars they hoard will float in the sea without any use. Therefore, use the dollars wisely now by feeding the hungry. Only the ones who feed the hungry will be saved from the disaster.

Hope you all are prepared for the December 2012 event.

belovedofgod | Thu, 05/10/2012 - 04:04
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I assume that must be some

I assume that must be some buildup towards dec 2012. We are now in June and nothing.

tiru | Sat, 07/07/2012 - 06:26
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On 12/21/2012 the poles are

On 12/21/2012 the poles are going to shift causing Atlantis to rise up out of the ocean while an alien mothership that had heretofore been invisible will link into specially crafted ports that will cause a wave of elevated vibrational energy to span the globe, which will awaken the anti-christ (by stimulating his internal dark chakra crystals) who has been sleeping beneath the Mayan ruins for the past 84,000 years, who will then wage a holy war against humans with his army of zombies and mind-control methods secretly developed over the past 50 years by U.S. intelligence agencies, until Jesus arrives from behind the sun to vanquish him with his sacred fire.

diogenes | Tue, 08/14/2012 - 23:01
enlight's picture

Why blame nature when humans can take care of 2012 catastrophe?

Or simply the Israelis will attack Iran as Netanyahu promises, the Americans will join, The Iranians will respond, the whole Middle East region will explode, missles to Europe as well, hidden terrorist pockets will set to action...

enlight | Wed, 08/15/2012 - 07:18
Elijah_NatureBoy's picture

Passing Through A Magnetic Field

Someone who claims to have first hand knowledge from NASA say our whole solar system is going to pass through a magnetic field extending out from the "Black Hole" to cause the poles to shift, flooding and more which begins on that day. Suppoedly the warming of of our planet is solar system wide and it happens around every 2500 years and every so many times is what the Mayans call the death of god when another set of cycle begins.

He say the events of the Bible's Great Flood during Noah's time is what will happen and it takes 40 calender days to completed. I have nothing to support it and am only passing along what I heard.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
Presenting SEEDS OF LIFE @

Elijah_NatureBoy | Fri, 10/26/2012 - 22:03
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So what do you think is going to happen in 10 days?

It's 10 days to 21/12/2012, the awaited date, the end of the Mayan calendar. What do you think is going to happen if at all?

shishmanidov35 | Tue, 12/11/2012 - 06:27
abra's picture

So what is going to happen? :-)

It's 20 minutes to 21/12/2012. So what do you think is going to happen? :-)

abra | Thu, 12/20/2012 - 21:40
Elijah_NatureBoy's picture

Civilization Touches The Western Horizon!

The best I can tell is there will be something in the physical which will show itself as this civilization touching the western horizon in the process of ending like the sun ending the morning. Also like a day, there will be a comparably short transition period, I estimate to be 7000 years, before the nest civilization of about 84,000 years begins, and the beat goes on.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
Presenting SEEDS OF LIFE @

Elijah_NatureBoy | Thu, 12/20/2012 - 22:22