A message to Indian members: It's impossible to read when CAPITAL LETTERS and improper punctuation

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Can someone explain me why many Indian members here write in capital letters only? It is impossible to read such texts at all, it is like someone shouting.

And why do they omit the spaces after the commas?

And the big mess, misplaced line breaks, messy paragraphs. Sometimes it is one big chunk of letters which I'm sure no one feels inclined to read.

It's seem that they do not give a damn about how their posts look like, do not have an idea that how it looks is sometimes more important than what it contains because no one will ever get to read what it contains and all their effort is for vain.

Is it negligence? Is it laziness? Is it self deception? Can it be improved with a feedback or is it hopeless?

I'm not speaking about proper English, it is understandable that those whom English is not their maternal language may have difficulty in commanding it, I'm talking about very basic punctuation and order that welcomes one to read.

It's pity because so many Indians are a great source for unique and genuine spiritual wisdom and yet it is impossible to decipher what they write.

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An example

I agree with every word and would also be interested to hear the reasons.

Here is a recent good example: http://www.gurusfeet.com/opinion/self-relisation-14

Did the writer truly had any delusion that anybody will have the capability to read this series of words??? Seriously.

mika | Tue, 08/04/2009 - 16:52
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Another example


"best wishes to all the members of gurus feet .com,on the eve of the birthday of masterc.v.v.Master is responsible for the amruthavatharana(bringing nectar to the earth).Who ever surrenders him- self to the master is relieved of the fear of death.Fear for death is mortal and not fearing is immortal.So let us all get busy in the pursuit of truth which is also immortal"

No blank after commas and points and before parentheses. No capital letters at the beginning of sentences, no new lines. Impossible to read.

Jasmin | Tue, 08/04/2009 - 17:43
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butchered language

if you assume that the writer has a reason for writing the way he/she does ... you might just learn to get all sorts of information/meanings
that you will never get from complaining.


genep | Tue, 08/04/2009 - 18:38
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tradegy or ideology

I don't buy this. Let's not turn a tragedy into ideology. Some, by the way, do it with their bad traits instead of working on them.

Language is a means, a tool to convey and share our ideas and as such should be transparent and proper in order to convey efficiently the ideas.

Jasmin | Tue, 08/04/2009 - 21:21


population at large in India studied unto +2 standard and most of part of this population is religious and children of poor people studied in government and govt.aided schools in Hindi medium along-with one English language,hence no doubt about their poor English but their temperament is religious.further,you must bear in mind that national language of India is Hindi;so,English is the forced language on Hindi-speaking people even also through guru-feet while the word guru is from Hindi and Sanskrit.but this site is enjoyed well by such Hindi-speaking-people who use English language as much as known to them.some people as per their liking prefer to write in capital letters and also their writing in English may be filled with the impressions of Hindi and provincial languages;therefore,Barbara sees big mess,messy paragraphs etc.they,in view of saving the space when writing,omit spaces after comas and they do not care such matters in writings.instead of observing English language rules,they prefer to understand matter of the subject.nowadays so-called these Indians have improved English for their short-cut use that nobody can understand their SMS-English except those young Indians to whom they have been addressed to, because they are writing indicative provincial language with Hindi in English in short cut ways.
in view of above you are requested not to see mistakes of punctuations,commas,spaces etc.if you are genuine seeker of spirituality then you,instead of searching knowledge through common Indian people,are advised to seek such desired knowledge from competent authorities----as (1) Ramakrishna mission, (2) Vipassana Sadhana Sansthan (3) Sahaja yoga ,ref.to this one is www.sahajayoga.org,(4) and many others also available if you so like.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 08/04/2009 - 18:46
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Important feedback

I agree with barbara and it is not a matter of complaining or not - it is a matter of giving an important feedback to those people who put so much effort in writing and sharing while not being aware that their effort may be for vain because it is sometimes impossible to read what they wrote, it is a matter of awareness to a few simple syntax rules that make all the difference - structure, space after punctuation marks and lower case letters.

After all, the essence and purpose of this place is to communicate and share through texts and if something spoils this communication than it should be brought into light and discussed instead of be concealed.

Plus, I see in this issue also an added value of self awareness practiced by the writer.

davids | Tue, 08/04/2009 - 21:59
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Another example


I am willing to pay for someone to convert this unstructured list of words into something readable.

I agree with what was mentioned here. Some are wasting time and energy in writing things that will hardly be ever read not because of the content but because they give no minimum attention to format and appearance.

nathan | Thu, 08/06/2009 - 06:12
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I totally agree

I totally agree. The form is extremely important in the case of online articles. You see the relation between the condition of the form of a post and the number of comments it receives which indicates how many people actually read it.

I would say that not only Indians neglect that aspect but indeed in most cases these are people from India and this is pity. When I see capital letters or text not broken into paragraphs, when I sense that the writer didn't bother to put the least effort to construct his article, I simply don't read and I know that most do not as well.

Another similar aspect is the length of the article, there are people who still don't understand that people do not read lengthy and tiresome posts online anymore. They do not catch it even when there is no comment on their posts over and over again. A good example for that is http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/satguru-preaches-complete-amp-true-knowled...

And the last issue is the fact that when there are pics demonstrating the message of the post, it is more inviting.

johnd | Sun, 07/01/2012 - 06:40