Meditation related Q: for the forum members.

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What will happen if each & every person of this world:

"Try" to spend his/her "Spare time" on meditations seriously & wholeheartedly ?

Kindly Note 1: "Try" means just try, not very Compulsary.
Kindly Note 2: "Spare time" is ment by after paying all resonable wordly duties.

SO, looking forward to see the VALUABLE REPLIES by forum members.

_/\_ Servent jasdir singh jaura.

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No change

Nothing will happen, why should something happen? The world is fine as it is, it can't be otherwise. Who said a change will ultimately turn out to be good? Good from whose perspective?

Meditation is not meant to change anything and there is no collective effect to it - these are new age misconceptions that try to control reality. Meditation will cause only one thing: each individual will accept the world as it is. It is not a collective change and has no collective effect, by definition.

mariposa | Sat, 11/13/2010 - 07:50
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Anyhow, mariposa ji,

There is atleast one change that after reading the post you are thinking >>>Who said a change will ultimately turn out to be good?<<<

When the discussion was only about: What will happen ? or The result ? not about anything GOOD or BAD,

So mariposa ji,Nevertheless thankyou so much for your valuable REPLY.

_/\_"Sat-shri-Akal" by Jasdir.

jasdir singh jaura | Sun, 11/14/2010 - 06:00
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As we are not human beings on spiritual journey, we are atually spiritual beings on human journey..... So the regular practice of meditation pave the way to go back home and bring out the true self from inside as well as outside.... It gives out of the world experiences....When someone starts meditation regularly then its experience is so good that it makes us addicted to it. This makes a great change in a human being on physical level, emotional level as well as personal level. I think everyone on this earth should do meditation as much as they can and as much more or less time they have, but it should be done as much is possible.
What will happen by this can not be expressed in worlds, it can be experienced only, and that experience will just make you..... No experience is awesome than the things experienced in meditation.......

Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma | Thu, 07/14/2011 - 03:17
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No change in the external reality so far

It remains the same. But the view is different from the other side.

The view from above on an air balloon is different from ground level view. Although, it is still the same world. Just a different way of seeing it.

And how we view thing can affect how we feel and how we feel can affect how we function. I do better when I feel good. I do pretty lousy when I feel bad. If you play an instrument, you might play lousy if someone ticked you off right before you played. Or, maybe it might make you feel better. But the words remains the same, we just see it differently, and that affects how we perform in it, which affects the results we experience.

So, it remains the same, but different.

Quantum | Tue, 10/08/2013 - 16:08